Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Call off the Search!

I've been searching for the perfect pair of winter boots for quite a few weeks now, and the high street has left me bitterly disappointed. I love the idea of criminally high winter boots but in reality i'll be hobbling around after an hour and they will sit in my wardrobe unused.

I have fallen for these lovely things by French Connection, they're perfect!! I wanted something that had that "town and country" feel to it, and these hit the nail on the head, they'll look perfect with tights, leggings and jeans.

I love the buckle detail and on the french connection website they have been styled with the top turned down so I can wear them several ways.

All I have to do now is go and order them!!

They're from :)

Tell me what you think!!

Laura xxx

Monday, 28 September 2009

September Favourites

It's my favourite time of the month, its favourites time!!

I've really enjoyed using so many products this month, but I've chosen the ones that I've been using consistently since I bought them, and I really love.


L-R Boots Mediterranean Bergamot, Wheatgerm & Basil Body Wash, Garnier Clear Detox Anti Foaming Gel, Umberto Giannini Beauty Hair Mask, Brazened Honey Face Mask from Lush.

I'm going to break down why I love these products into a point each for them!

  1. The Bergamot in the Body Wash is just so zingy, it wakes me up and makes me smell fresh and clean, such an amazing product.
  2. I've been using this Face Wash for about a week now, everyday, which doesn't seem enough to put it in a monthly favourites, but I really love this product, its fresh, leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth, and hasn't left me with any reaction.
  3. Umberto Giannini Beauty Hair Mask - I've done a whole review on this so check that out, I LOVE this stuff!! It's amazing, rich, luxurious and leaves my hair feeling salon fresh.
  4. Brazened Honey Face Mask - Get past the strong scent of this product and It will leave you with glowing skin, I instantly feel better about myself after I do one of these masks, the colour is such a lurid yellow that it makes me laugh!

    Make Up

L-R 2True Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Blush, MAC Phloof! Eyeshadow, MAC 223 Brush, Barry M Lip Gloss in No4.

Lets go with the same format for these products too!

  1. I've already raved about the 2True Cheek and Lip Tints in my YouTube Review, but I have been using this product pretty much everyday since I bought it, its just quick and easy to apply and is long lasting which is a plus for me!
  2. MAC Phloof, this is my current favourite eyeshadow, I love it as a more dramatic highlight, for the corner of my eyes, and even just a stand alone lid colour when I want to be more minimal, perfect.
  3. I only got the 223 a few weeks ago from a CCO and this is my new favourite crease brush, I own the 224 but I think the 223 is far better for colour placement in the crease and I use my 224 clean to blend. I'm so glad I got my hands on it as it was LE :)
  4. Barry M Lipgloss in No4. I've raved about this in a previous post but I'm still so obsessed with this, its not healthy, I need my bubblegum fix everyday!


I'm really terrible at remembering to do FOTD but I thought I'd add this in as I actually remembered to take this picture today! I went very simple and the pictures aren't really the best quality (hello ridiculous camera phone). BUT here is what I have on:

FACE: Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation/Concealer. 2True Lip/Cheek Stain & Elf Warm Bronze.

EYES: UDPP, MAC Grand Entrance & Tiny amount of MAC Woodwinked in the crease.

Lips: 2True Lip/Cheek Stain & Barry M Lipgloss in No4.

Tell me your favourites!

Laura xxx

p.s I recorded an September (I wrote August and only realised about a day after posting this!) Favorites video at the weekend, so I'm going to try and get it up tomorrow! My YouTube Channel is,

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Saturday Update/Ramble

Hi Guys,

I'm currently lazing about at home, enjoying a lovely Saturday :).

I just wanted to say "hello" to my new followers! I had my first mini goal of reaching 20 followers, and I'm now on 21 which I'm so excited about, I would be happy to write all of this to just one follower, but its really lovely to know people want to read what I write! I'm going for 30 next, slow and steady :).

I'd just like to say that thisiscaz made my Friday by mentioning me on a share the love post, it was a wonderful surprise!

I'm in process of getting a few more videos up on my channel, September Favourites, What's In My Bag & Favourite Drugstore Products :), they'll be on, yay!

I'd love to hear your feedback and would love some suggestions for future posts, just put it in a comment!

I'm looking forward to the Xfactor and an Indian Takeaway tonight, trashy but amazing!

Hope you're all having an amazing weekend,

Laura xxx

Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday Afternoon In and Out

I love Friday afternoons, I can almost taste the weekend!!


- Barry M Lipgloss. These have actually beaten any other lipgloss I own, including all of my high end glosses. The formulation is fantastic, they glide on without being sticky (I'm talking to you Dazzleglass) and I actually quite like the fake smelling scents, they remind me of pick and mix :)
- Autumn finally being here, hello knitwear, dark nail polish and to die for boots.
- Peter Philips. I've done two blog posts on him recently and the more I read about him the more I want that mans job!!
- The New Series of Project Runway: I love you Tim Gunn, "Talk to me!"
- The weekend! How could I not add this into a Friday post!


- The new series of ANTM, every series it turns more and more into a joke, some of the girls and there more for their story than their modelling ability.
- Desperately trying to avoid the lurgy as it slowly attacks everyone in the house.
- Boots 3 for 2, you are bad for my bank balance!!
- Not being able to find the perfect pair of winter boots.
- I've nearly run out of Studio Sculpt Foundation, do I repurchase or once again go embark on the quest for the perfect foundation?

What are your Friday In & Outs??

Have a lovely Friday and I'm going to review some more of my recent purchases this weekend when I have a bit of free time to consider my verdict!

Laura xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

2True Cosmetics - Review/YouTube Video!

After a thorough browse of Superdrug at the weekend I came across 2True Cosmetics on a small stand. I was initally attracted to the stand because of the 3 for £5 concept, I was intregued to know if all of these universally priced £1.91 products could actually compare to some of my preffered make up brands, drugstore and high end.

I bought:

Cheek and Lip Tint in Pink Blush
Glitter Eyeliner in No10 Black
Eyeliner in Aubergine

My sister bought:
Cheek and Lip Rose Tint
Glitter Eyeliner in
Cheek and Lip Tint in Pink Blush

Overall I think this brand has a few good finds if you choose carefully, you're always going to find some products which don't live up to better quality items (the purple eyeliner!) but I think I found a gem in the pink lip and cheek tint :).

Eye Definer in Aubergine: (bottom swatch)
I'm not overly impressed with this product, its not very soft and you have to go over the same line a few times to achieve and real colour. I can't complain for the price but I don't think i'm going to get any real use out of this.


Eyeliner Dazzler in No10: (top swatch) Eyeliner Dazzler

I LOVE these little glitter eyeliners :) they're perfect for just a hint of sparkle on your upper lash line, and as I'm not a massive glitter wearer, £1.91 is all I feel comfortable spending!! They're also really long lasting, it takes a good wipe to remove them!


Cheek and Lip Tints:

If the MeMeMe tint is the cheaper version of Posie Tint by Benefit, this is the cheap version of the MeMeMe! It's still only £1.91 and it works really well! Don't be afraid of the neon pink colour, as once its blended in it just leaves a nice pink flush to your cheeks! I was going to post myself wearing this but my camera just wasn't picking it up and was washing me out!
One of my favourite products :) 4.5/5

Rose Tint: This product stains quite well but just has this weird cheap smell, a bit like a cheap shampoo or bubbles!! I won't be trading my Benetint for this one just yet, but for the price it is a good alternative. 3/5

I just posted my first proper video on YouTube!! It's actually a bit scary!!

I'm off to bed now because i'm up early tomorrow and I've been doing all of this for nearly the whole evening!!

Night Night!!


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What I've Been Spending My Money On

I've accidentally on purpose managed to buy quite a lot of stuff. It's been nothing high end but I've still taken advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 and visited good old Primark a few times too.


l-r Garnier Clean Detox Anti Dullness Foaming Gel, Umberto Giannini Catwalk Hairspray, Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo.

I bought more stuff in the 3 for 2 but It was either really boring (face wipes!) or stuff that I've had before, (hair mask & face scrub). These were the three things that I'm most interested in, I'm going to review them all once I've properly used them.

Maybelline Colour Sensation - 148 Shimmer Pink, 112 Ambre Rose.

I've fallen for these lipsticks, they're smooth and creamy and I can even forgive the cheap lipstick smell, they're wearable and for the price I'm very happy, I got one at Boots and one at Superdrug and I think they were £2 off on both.

Clockwise From Bottom - Barry M No5 Lipgloss, 2True Glitter Eyeliner No10, 2True Aubergine Eyeliner, 2True Cheek & Lip Paint, Barry M Navy Nail Paint, BarryM Pink Flamingo Nail Paint.

I'm going to do a review on 2True Cosmetics and they're a new brand to come out and all of the line is 3 for £5 at the moment at Superdrug. For £1.91 individually, some of these have been a pleasant surprise, so they deserve a post of there own :). I don't care what people say, I love the fake bubblegum scent of the Barry M lipgloss, its ADDICTIVE, I really don't like sticky lipglosses either so the formulation of this is perfect, probably my favourite lipgloss at the moment. I bought two new nail paints, Navy for Autumn and Pink Flamingo because I'd been looking for pinky coral for a while and couldn't pass it up.


Primark Goodies

I saw these shoes at my friends house and I loved them, and when she said they were from Primark I had to go and get them! They are my perfect shoe at the moment, I'd wanted a neutral high heel for a while and these taupe suede shoes really hit the target, they're really comfy too so I bought black too! All for £13.00 each!

Also I love my bracelets, a hint of the studding trend without being over the top, and I couldn't resist this vintage style gold bangle, the picture doesn't show it up, but its embossed with flowers and patterns.

Ok that's it for my purchases, lots in one go!! I'll start to work my way through the reviews in the next few weeks when I've properly tested them and can give a fair review.

Hope you're having a good week,

Laura xxx

Monday, 21 September 2009

Umberto Giannini Indulgent Beauty Moisture Mask, It's Love!!

I just had to write about this product as I have been IN LOVE with it since I bought it a few weeks ago.


I bought this product after I came back from my holidays at the end of August when my hair was in need of some serious TLC.

I'm in ♥ LOVE ♥, Its thick, creamy and it leaves my hair feeling like silk, I like the floral scent too, although I wonder if this might put people off.

Such a pretty flower/fairy girl on the lid too!

I've been using it once a week to really give my hair a treat and I'm really starting to see the difference in the condition of my hair. I use a lot of heat on my hair so its good to see it looking nourished!

I like this product so much that I picked up another one today when I quickly popped into Boots and took full advantage of the 3 for 2 they're running at the moment, I've bought quite a few things in the last few days so I'm going to put them all up in a separate post tomorrow when I've taken the pictures :)

Also, a quick thank you to Victoria (lilyloveslola) for mentioning me on twitter, it was really kind of her :) thank you!! I was literally soooo happy, what a lamo!

Thanks for reading! xxx

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Peter Philips et ma Soeur

Well not exactly, but my sister offered/was bribed into being my model for me to try some of Peter Philips A/W make up from the runway shows. I chose his Chanel look and his Alexander McQueen look.

Here is the first one, I've tried to 'Channel' his Chanel look (oh dear!!).

Peter Philips kept this look very simple, with a slight silver hue on the outer corner and a touch of black eye liner on the upper lash line, he also finished the eye with white eyeliner to open it up. Lashes were kept very simple, only a touch on the upper lashes, and none on the bottom. He finished the whole look with a very simple rosy blush, blended out with cotton pads, and a natural lip.

Eyebrows were given the traditonal couture treatment, and darkened and extended slightly.
Alexander McQueen - From the sublime to the rediculous.

This is probably one of the most recognisable faces of the A/W Catwalks, McQueen goth/horror make up is the complete opposite to the natural face of the Chanel make up.

My technique for this was more DIY than anything else, using white face paint and a Ruby and Millie lipstick pallet. I used a selection of reds and burgundys and finished it with a slick of clear gloss to mimmick the original.

as you can see, the original is a lot more sheer than mine!
I hope you enjoyed this post, see my previous post for more information!!
Have a lovely Sunday!! xxx

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Dans Les Pas D'Un Maquilleur Star - Peter Philips En 80 Jours

I have been inspired!!

I was given a DVD by my sister from the August Issue of French Vogue and it was so interesting I thought I'd share.

The DVD follows Peter throughout his preparation for the Autumn/Winter collections by Chanel in his capacity as the global director for Chanel Make Up (What a job!!).

The DVD included so much useful and insightful information, including a make up tutorial by the man himself on how to construct on of the Chanel looks for the catwalk. We also follow Philip as he designs the beautiful sequin and bead eyeliner decorations, one of the most striking looks in the Chanel Make Up this season. Each piece was painstakingly constructed out of hundreds of tiny beads and sequins on mesh, amazing workmanship!

I tried the look that he runs through on the DVD, the minimalist neutral make up used for one of the Chanel Autumn/Winter catwalk shows. I'm going to do a post later on with that look and the more extreme Alexander McQueen make up, I used my sister as a model :).

The whole DVD was in french (quite a test of my language skills!) but I've found a preview with English subtitles on YouTube, I'm going to put it below for your viewing pleasure so you can see what I'm talking about :)

One of my personal favourite moments in the DVD is Peter dealing with an hysterical model backstage, "elle est completement hysterique"

Hope you enjoy :)

Here is the link to the preview, please watch!

I'm going to post the looks I did on my sister later, I also went on a mini shopping trip today before my sister and I went to watch 500 Days of Summer - go and watch it!!

I'm going to film a video showing what I got later, so check out for that either tonight or tomorrow, (probably tomorrow!!)

Byee xxxx

Sunday, 13 September 2009

What I'm Using Tag

I've seen this tag on a few of my favourite blogs so I thought I'd do it too, It's a lazy Sunday and this is the perfect blog to do!

Shampoo: L'Oreal Re-Nutrition Royal Jelly
Conditioner: L'Oreal Re-Nutrition Royal Jelly or Umberto Gianni Hair Mask once a week.
Styling Products: Aussie Miracle Leave In Conditioner, Toni & Guy Shine Spray, Toni & Guy Heat Protector.
Shower Gel: Um, I think Radox at the moment? Just whatever is in the shower!
Body Moisturiser: Body Shop Mango Butter or Olive Oil Body Butter I bought in Crete.
Deodorant: Nivea Pearl Roll On
Exfoliator: Benifit Honey Snap Out Of It
Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish
Foundation Brush: I'm actually using a sponge at the moment, Studio Sculpt is sooo much better applied with a sponge.
Concealer: Studio Sculpt
Powder: MAC Mineralise Skin Finish
Blush: MAC Hello Kitty - Tippy
Bronzer: Elf Warm Bronzer/MAC Mineralise Skinfinish - Gold Deposit
Highlighter: Elf Warm Bronzer/Benifit High Beam
Eyeshadow Base: UDPP or MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque/Girl Friendly
Eyeshadow: Grand Entrance and Phloof
Eyeliner: MAC Smoulder / Gel Liner in Blacktrack
Curler: None!
Mascara: Dior Iconic or MUFE Smoky Lash
Lipstick: Vasaline Rosy Lips!
Lipgloss: MAC Dazzleglass Goldyrocks
Nail Varnish: Nails Inc Polish, Free from Confessions of a Shopaholic!!

I tag everyone!!

I'll be back later with a post on my new room!!


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Back in Business, CCO, FOTD etc!!

I'm back! Well I haven't really been away, but my laptop is back, so I can start doing proper photo blogs again. My charger got here in record time, well done Ebay!!

I went to Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village today to meet up with one of my friends from Uni as it was a pretty good mid point for both of us, and of course there was some bargain shopping to be done!


These were taken on my phone so you can't realllly see what I have on here haha, but here is a close up of my eye! I took this after I got in too, so I look a bit faded!

Face -

  • MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer & Foundation.
  • MAC Hello Kitty 'Tippy' Blush
  • Elf Warm Bronzer
  • Elf Complexion Perfection

Eyes -

  • Rubenesque PP
  • Grand Entrance Shadow (Lid)
  • Sable (Crease)
  • Phloof! (Highlight)
  • MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara

Lips -

  • Vaseline Rosy Lips


I bought a few things from Cheshire Oaks but I didn't go crazy because I'm supposed to be saving my money, I did my best!

Make Up -

I went the CCO in Cheshire Oaks, and I loved it! I've never been before but I loved seeing some limited edition stuff that i'd missed out on and managed to get my hands on :) If you have never been its a discount make up store with a lot of discontinued and left over produce from the estee lauder group, so they have mac, bobbi brown, clinique etc etc.

I bought -


  • MSF Natural in Light

  • Paint Pots in Moss Pit (LE) and Girl Friendly (LE)

  • Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks

  • MAC 227 & 223 (LE)

I'm sooo happy I got the 223 :) its a small blending brush than the 224 so I can be more precise with crease colours!! yaaay! I'm happy with all of my purchases and I love the fact that I picked up some LE stuff at a cheaper price :).

A Few Extras,

This is my FAVOURITE purchase of the day, its soooo amazing, and it was from....CLAIRE'S ACCESSORIES.

It cost me £3.15, bargain! I love the peacock detail on it, its lovely!

I also bought myself a cardigan from GAP, I thought it was a lovely colour for Autumn, bring on the knits!!

Right this post is getting wayyy too long so I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and i'm going to put a few pictures of my new bedroom up tomorrow :)

Please spread the word about my blog, it would literally mean the world to me!!

Laura xxx

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