Monday, 30 August 2010

I Suck At OOTD.

If only I had my own personal photographer, as this is going has got to be the worst OOTD I've ever done.

Attempt No.1 - All of the outfit is in, yet I'm leaning forward like an idiot and generally looking a bit special...

Attempt No.2 - We have the bottom half of my body, but not a lot else...

The Detail on my vest top, pretty gold rivets.


Pretty bracelets from across the world! Nepal & Mexico included!

Lovely Gladiators...

H&M Bangle...

Being my own photographer make me feel like this!

If you'd like to apply for the position feel free!


Vest Top & Cardigan: H&M
Leggings: Topshop
Gladiator Sandals: Miu Miu
Bracelets: Various & H&M

Laura xxx

Old Brush, New Tricks.

If it came down to it, I could probably live without the majority of my make up brushes. I love them, but I've always got my hands!

That is until recently.

I've experimented with a few concealer brushes in the past, ranging from the MAC 195 (excels in precision but falls short anywhere else) to the 224 brush (championed by pixiwoo) which did the job but felt a little scratchy on the delicate skin under my eyes.

Out of sheer laziness I stumbled upon my ultimate concealer brush.

The MAC 130.

It doesn't look like the ideal concealer brush, but it really does work.

I've raved about this brush before on here and i've previously used just for cream blush and foundation but its firmly found it's place in my brush roll as a concealer brush.

If I team it with my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer it gets a close to airbrushed as you can get without a serious dose of photoshop.

BEFORE: (No Concealer...eeek!)

AFTER: Looking a bit brighter!

MAC 130 brush, we salute you!!

If you want an in depth look at the brush, you can head to my post HERE

Friday, 27 August 2010

Bliss Triple Oxygen: Speed Review.

I'd been scouting around for a new moisturiser for a while when I finally decided to plump for Bliss Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream (Catchy).

I'll keep it brief:

It's light, it's sinks into face and leaves it feeling moisturised but not greasy (massively important!), the smell is fresh, clean and citrus which makes it a joy to apply in the morning.

The only major sticking point for me is the price, it retails at £45 and could end up being an expensive habit to keep up.

I managed to get this in the asos sale for half price, pheww!

Overall, it does what it says on the jar, it leaves my skin refreshed and brightened, what more could a girl ask for!

I think i've found my perfect day cream...

Laura x

The Quest For Lumie-nous Skin...

If you haven't read it already, hop on over to BritishBeautyBlogger and have a read of my guest post on the wonderful Lumie Clear....

Go Go Go!

Normal Service will resume tomorrow!

Laura x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

I Heart MUFE Face & Body

If you speak to most make up minded girls, the one thing they look for in a foundation, it's not to look like they're wearing any.

My quest to find the perfect everyday foundation appears to have come to an end.

I bought this from and it arrived in record time, overnight!
They deserve a mention for delivery time alone!

I had to take a gamble with the shade as we all know how much of a pain makeup forever is to get in the poor old UK, but I plumped for Shade 20 Ivory and it turned out to be the perfect match. Pheww. 

The consistency is ridiculously light, the foundation consists of 75% water so you wouldn't expect anything less than a light as air feel.

Don't expect great coverage from this because you won't find it around here, it's evens out skin tone and makes your skin look a little more 'tidy' but it won't cover any major blemishes or discolouration, if you feel you need a little more coverage, stay clear!

I've just applied moisturiser and a bit of the F&B with a clean sponge here and it just gives you a fresh look. I hope you can see in the picture, I thought a proper close up might be best (eek).

So for now, I'm sticking with F&B in the daytime, it has pretty good lasting power and doesn't go patchy or strange after a few hectic hours at work.

If I want a bit more coverage for the evening, I'm currently mixing this with a bit of NARS Sheer Glow, it's a mix made in heaven, trust me.

What do you look for in a foundation?

Laura xxx

Like a Bee to Honey...17 Mirror Shine Lipsticks

We all know it's all too easy to get swept away on the hype train when a new product comes into town, and I'm just as guilty as most of you. But recently I've been trying very hard to buy products for me, that I know I need rather than want. I'm not talking about "need" either!!

But everytime I've wandered into Boots since I 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks hit the market, I spent at least 5 minutes "buzzing" around the shade Beehive (boom boom).

It's a staple nude pink colour that doesn't scream special at all, but hey, I'm a beauty's an affliciton.

What makes this lipstick special isn't the unique shade or the crazy colour payoff, it's the smooth, glossy finish that it leaves. It's a potent mix of balm/gloss and lipstick that has me hooked.

Pictured here on completely naked lips it's a three in one effect.

Beware though, you pay a price for soft glossy finish. You get a soft glossy lipstick, which will respond heat and knocks in a big melted mess.

But for under a fiver, who can complain?!

Laura xxx

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Forever 21 Meets The Bullring?!

I went to meet up with an old university pal to have lunch and catch up when I wandered past this....

(the cleaning man just makes this shot...)

That's right, Forever 21 are opening their flagship store in the Birmingham Bullring!

Who can't wait for a bit of accesible Forever 21 fashion?!

I cannot wait to see how this fits in the UK market, Topshops Bullring has already budgeted £500,000 to try and keep up with it's new US neighbour...shh!

Laura xxx

Friday, 13 August 2010

Just A Quick One, Barry M Pressed Eyeshadows?

I adore Dazzledusts, I really do. Why then, do they mostly sit in my make up drawer unloved?

Because I'm a klutz and they mostly end up ALL OVER ME.

So those clever people at Barry M have decided to answer the prayers of the less dexterous amongst us and bless up with Barry M pressed eyeshadows.

Barry has bought out several lovely trios for us all, from a dependable neutral offering right up to the out there shades we know and love.

To have a closer look at the beautiful shades on offer click here!

You can pick them up from Superdrug or Barry's own website!

These have been firmly placed on my wish list, how about you?

Laura xx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Hype From The Outside

Have you ever lusted after a product so much you forget why you wanted to it so much in the first place, counted down the days until it's release based upon the excited chatter of your fellow bloggers?

I can certainly say I'm guilty as charged.

A big part of why I love the beauty community is getting recommendations and tips from my fellow beauty fanatics, but how easy is it to remove yourself from the hype and concentrate on the product itself??

Enter my lovely myth buster, Laura, who also doubles as my best pal...

I let her loose on five of my most hyped purchases and let her cast her outsider view, maybe all we need is a little perspective?!

I gave her:

Viva Glam Gaga
Illamasqua Rude Blush
Barry M Toffee Lipgloss
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
MAC Stereo Rose MSF

First into the ring was Viva Glam Gaga

This is what she had to say:
" I like this, the texture is pretty nice but I'm not sure it's exactly flattering on me. I've got quite yellow skin so I'm not sure I'd ever wear it. I mean it's OK but I'm not sure it's a universal shade. I guess having Gaga attached to it raised it's game though!"

I asked her to rate it 1-5 from "So Overhyped" to "Get Me A Back Up!"

Laura rated this:

3 Stars

It's nice but it seems more about the Lady Gaga love!

Illamasqua Rude Blush was the next product to be cross examined.

What she said:

"I'm not really into cream blushes anyway but it feels quite smooth...(pops some onto her cheek) It's bright though! It does settle into quite a nice colour though but it doesn't exactly wow me, I'm not sure it's all that special and for the price I'd rather spend it on something else, I love the packaging though, very cute!"

2 Stars

It's a nice product but I don't get why this is so sort after, sorry!

Things didn't get much better with the foundation of the moment, NARS Sheer Glow.

"It looks alright and it has a pretty illuminating finish and feels quite nice on my skin, how much is it?"
TBS "£29.00"
"Are you joking?! That seems pretty extortionate to me, I mean, really? It's just OK, If I had plenty of spare money I'd probably buy this but not at the expense of anything else, I'm using a foundation from L'Oreal at the moment and it works just as well for me!"

Purely for the price, Rated:
2 Stars!

I just couldn't justify this, It doesn't wow me.

Next up, is the much chatted about, Barry M Lipgloss in Toffee.

What she said:

"It smells delicious and feels really smooth, the texture is good, sticky lipgloss makes me heave! For under a fiver I don't think you could ask for anything more. I've had a quick look at the rest of the range too and they all seem to be ticking the boxes. I'd say this deserves all the hype but in my opinion so does the rest of the colour range! It leaves a lovely natural sheen for the daytime"

4 Stars.

Not OTT, the perfect day gloss!

Last, but not least is the most recent product to get thrown into the hype ring, MAC Stereo Rose.

This is what she had to say:

"Ooo I like the look of this one, it looks a bit like Ayers rock doesn't it?! I like the sparkle in it too. I think it looks lovely for a night out but maybe i'd apply this with a lighter hand!"
TBS "This sold out in a matter of days and people are paying silly money for it on Ebay, what do you think?"
"It's a lovely product, but that all seems a bit silly, I'm a bit confused over what's so special about it. I'm sure i've got something at home that could mimic this..."

3 Stars.

Lovely product, still a bit confused over the Holy Grail though!

I asked Laura to pick her most rated and most disappointing products and she chose:

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude: Most Disappointing
Barry M Lipgloss in Toffee: Most Rated.

So there you have it, from the mouth of a beauty outsider. We all love an insider but maybe we all need a little cynical perspective now and again!!

Is there anything you've bought based on hype and been disappointed??

Over & Out



Sunday, 8 August 2010

July Favourites

As always, I'm late putting these up, but who doesn't love a good favourites post?!

L-R NARS Penny Lane Cream Blush
MAC Stereo Rose MSF
Benefit It Stick
MAC Lipstick in Myth & Jazzed.

Penny Lane is such a lovely everyday blush and despite it's hefty price tag i'm happy I picked it up, I've used it nearly everyday either by itself or under another blush.
I've been using Myth & Jazzed together as I find Jazzed alone is just too orange for my skintone, toning it down with Myth underneath is just perfect!
See HERE for a Jazzed/Myth FOTD.
Stereo Rose was the subject of an insane amount of hype and I've worn it on most nights out since I purchased it, but I can't help feeling that it's pretty dupeable?
Finally i've been using my freebie It Stick like there's no tomorrow as it's amazing to cover under eye circles and I'm in desperate need of that recently!

Other unrelated favourites:

- Cocoa Orange Nakd Bars, delicious and better for you!
- Ellie Goulding, Lights. I can't stop listening to it, such a good album!

What are you favourites this month? I'd love to know!

Laura xxx

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Turn Up The Volume: TIGI Queen For A Day

As far a fashion and beauty are concerned, there are precious few exceptions where bigger is better...and hair definitely falls into the latter category.

Whilst I am blessed with fairly thick hair, but I am a volume addict.

When I picked up this product I was rushing so assumed it was just a hairspray. It turns out it can be used wet or dry to add volume, interesting!

I've been using this for the past few weeks and It has place itself firmly within my hair routine. I've always adored that fruity Bed Head scent and I have complaints about my hair smelling like it!

I spray this at the roots before I blow dry as I find this works best for me, I have a thing about "over product'd" (it's a word) hair so I find this works best for me!

It leaves me with giant, bouncy hair - the best kind of hair!

I picked this up at TKMaxx believe it or not for about £7??

Do you have any tips for super volume in your hair?

Laura xxx

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