Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Little Effort Will Go A Long Way With A Face Like Yours: CCO Goodies.

So here's the thing, I put myself on a self induced shopping ban on Wednesday...It was going so well, until my Mum rang me up on Sunday morning and asked If I would like to go SHOPPING!!

How could I possibly go shopping and not buy a single thing? How could a forsake the pull of a CCO!

(l-r Dame Edna Highlighting Powder in Spectacular, Et tu Bouquet? E/S, Circa Plum Pigment, Twinks E/S, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, MAC Barbie Make Up Bag)

An eclectic mix of various past collections, Dame Edna, Barbie & A Rose Romance.

I've been after a teeny weeny make up case for my handbag for ages, I only really carry around lip products in the day so this is the perfect size, I picked it up for £5.00 so I'm happy!

(l-r Twinks, Bobbi Brown CC, Et Tu Bouquet?)

Twinks: It's a gorgeous maroon brown, blends easily and will be a lovely crease colour. 
Et Tu Bouquet?: This was a complete impulse buy, I love the name! It's a lovely nude pink but in my haste I failed to see this was a frost and the texture is a little gritty. 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Warm Ivory: I was going to purchase this concealer after I'd used up my current one, but I saw this for £11.00 at the CCO and decided to pick it up, It's so nice under the eyes and feels light even though it's amazing coverage! 

Circa Plum Pigment: I don't usually buy full pigments, but after the whole downsize fiasco I just had to pick up this stunning colour, It's a beautiful mushroom plum colour, perfect for a smoked up eye!!

Dame Edna Highlight Powder in Spectacular!

I LOVE this packaging, It may be the reason why I bought it!

It has a really shimmery surface but underneath its a matte highlight powder, I'm not sure how much I want to use it though, it's just too pretty!!!
It came with a cute quote card that says "A little effort will go a long way with a face like yours"

So that's it guys, I hope you've had a good weekend, If you'd like to see swatches of these lets me know!!

Lots of Love, Laura xxx

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Product Rave: Lush Retread Conditioner

Lush seems to be the brand "on the street" at the moment, and I suppose my own rekindled love for the brand has been fired by the constant stream of Lush lovers blogging and waxing lyrical on youtube about it.

I am a massive Lush bath fan but I've never been interested in their hair or skin products.

But due to my new found love of Lemony Flutter cuticle cream I wondered if I was missing out on wonderous things from Lush??

In fact, my decision was made for me when I was given a tub of Retread conditioner by my mum, who just wasn't using it enough.

First of all, the smell, It's strong...I thought it was going to knock me out.

But then I put it on my hair, It felt nice and left my hair feeling clean, ok so far.

I know you're probably thinking, why is this a product rave!!!??

I only really noticed it once I began to comb my hair through before I dried it, it was manageable soft and once It was dry felt really really clean. The smell had subsided to a pleasant herbal note, and kept my hair shiny and silky all day. I'm going to use this once a week as a treat as I don't want to use it all up!

My first adventure into the world of Lush haircare has been a roaring success, I'm currently on a shopping ban until I use up a MOUNTAIN of half used products, so it may be a while until I try out anything else, but do you have any 'must try' products from Lush???

Lots of Love,

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

NOTD - Barry M Mulberry Pink

Mulberry Pink by Barry M

This is actually on my sister as I've become a bit addicted to 'You Don't Know Jacques!' by OPI and nobody wants to see the same varnish over and over :)

It fits perfectly with the pastel trend and it's a bargain! What more could you want!

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Favourite Spring/Summer Trend.

So we all know that the Autumn/Winter 2010 shows are in full swing at the moment, but I want to share with you one of my favourite trends from the Spring/Summer 2010 shows.

Pastel Eyes and Romantic Waves: Versace Spring Summer 2010.

My sister came to me and asked if I would do this look for her for a night out and she let me take a few snaps of the results.


Versace went for a messy centre part with loose curls, I achieved the look on hannah simply by spritzing a little heat protectant and then curled her front layers loosely with GHD's.
I just spritzed it with shine spray to finish.


The all important part!!

Versace kept skin glowing and fresh so I used NARS Sheer Glow all over applied with a clean sponge, the lightly dusted some MAC MSF over the chin and nose.
I then used 'Phloof' Eyeshadow from MAC over her cupids bow and as a cheek highlight.
I didn't use a blush on this look as it's kept quite pale, instead Hannah's natural freckles and colour came through.

For the eyes I used Bare Study Paint Pot and With a MAC 224 brush sweeped a light lilac from Ruby and Millie all over the lid then in the crease I used 'Flash' from Urban Decay again applied quite roughly with a 224, this look isn't about perfect, it's about soft and pretty!!
To finish I applied 'Phloof' in the inner corner and carried it on down onto the lower lash line.
Eyebrows are kept natural with just a quite brush through and clear brown gel.
For lips I just patted a bit of Myth lipstick onto her lips, but as she has really pigmented lips it still comes across as a pretty nude pink.

What is your favourite Spring Summer Trend???

Love, Laura xxx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Quick Fire Review: Happy Blooming Bath Melt

On Friday I decided to indulge in a quick post work dash around the shops and inevitably I stumbled into Lush...

I'm still making my way through a mountain of Christmas/Sale stuff so picking up anything new really wasn't my intention, until I laid eyes on two new products that have come out recently.

Spacegirl Bath Bomb & Happy Blooming Bath Melt swiftly made it into a basket, and I can safely say these are my two favourite smelling products EVER. (Hello Cherry Bakewell & Frosties Sweets!)

But back to Happy Blooming.

What's The Hype??

"The happy, mouth-watering, fruity fragrance is down to Simon's ‘Cherry Chops’, named in honour of beautiful cherry blossoms. You get three baths out of each one – just snap off one segment per soak – and its blend of calamine, ylang and cocoa butter will leave your skin smooth and non-greasy. We think it’s blooming marvellous, and we’re sure you will, too"

First Impressions??

It smells like Cherry Bakewell, I'm in love!! I could smell this all day and not get bored of it. The "melt" part of this product is really evident from the moment you handle it as it started to melt in my hand, So handle with care if you buy this, or you may find you have no product left for your bath!

The Acid Test:

It created a wonderful, sweet, indulgent bath and one segment was more than enough. It felt moisturising but compared to my ultimate melt, Star Melt, my skin didn't feel as smooth.

Where & How Much??

Available in Lush Stores Nationwide &


I had a nice chat with a lovely young man in Lush who let me know that from March, Lush will be releasing a new product a WEEK!! So keep your noses to the ground and sniff out those new releases, He wasn't sure how long this kick will last but keep your eye on your local store to see what they come up with.

Love, Laura xxx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Heads Up

If you want a serious magazine beauty fix, go and check out the March Issue of InStyle.

Total product lust overload!!

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

My Everyday Essentials.

I've seen this tag floating around and I thought I'd show you all what I rely on daily!


(l-r Nars Sheer Glow, Fleur Power Blush, Studio Sculpt Concealer, Quickie Blush, MSF Natural)

After many disappointments and brief love affairs with various foundations I've found two foundations that I always know will provide a great finish without much work.

Nars Sheer Glow & Max Factor Second Skin
At the opposite end of the price scale, but I love the equally, If i'm in a massive rush I do prefer Max Factor applied with a clean make up sponge as it's idiot proof perfection!! Sheer Glow takes a little bit longer to blend and finish but it looks amazing once on!
I actually finished my Max Factor earlier this week, I think i'm going to get a new one!


MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer

I had a brief fling with SS Foundation and decided it was too heavy for me, but the concealer gives me perfect coverage when I need it, it covers everything I need it to.
I've been using this under my eyes and It works well but I'm on the look out for a lighter, more fluid concealer, any suggestions?!


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

I dust this lightly over my foundation with a 187 to elimate and extra shine on my chin and nose, I use this over tinted moisturiser for those days when I don't want too much make up on :)


MAC Fleur Power & Urban Decay Afterglow in Quickie
Both wearable pinks that i'm forever faithful to!


Eye Primer

I'm a MAC Paint Pot addict, I use Bare Study almost daily but adore Rubenesque & Girl Friendly too.
I picked up Moss Scape a while ago and think it's devine for doing a more smokey eye.


I must admit I'm pretty neutral with my make up in the day, I'd rather grab a few more moments in bed  than mess around with crazy colours!
I seem to go for the same few colours everyday:

Phloof! - Perfect in the inner corner or all over the lid to brighten up the eye if i'm tired! (Middle Left)
Orb - My perfect daily highlight (Top Right)
Jest - The most wearable shadow I own. (Middle Right)


I'm a bit of a mascara addict but at the moment I'm loving Maybelline Lash Stiletto & I'll always love Dior Iconic :)



I've only had this for a few week but I've used it almost everyday.

MAC Shy Girl.

So wearable and subtle enough for any situation.


I'm not a massive lipgloss wearer but I reach for

Benefit - Her Glossiness (Didn't Hear It From Me)

the most!!


Clinique DD Moisturising Lotion - I use this as my primer, I'm addicted!
Feline Kohl Power (MAC) - I don't use this everyday, but I always grab it when I want a bit of a smudgy lined eye.
Maybelline Colour Sensational Ambre Rose - My ultimate drugstore lippie.
MAC Grand Entrance - Probably my favourite eyeshadow ever, but it's LE so I'm trying to limit usage!!!

Right, What are YOUR "go to" products???

Lots of Love,

Laura xxxxx

Monday, 15 February 2010

We Have A Winner!

After a hectic week I've finally got around to sorting all of my 50 follower entries out, and we have a winner!

Drumroll Please....

Random.Org chose entry No.5

So, Congratulations...

If you could email me at I'll organise getting your prize to you!!

Thank you to everybody who entered, I really appreciated it!

Lots of Love, Laura xxx

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Products I Regret Buying

I'm usually thrilled with every beauty purchase I make, but there is the odd occasion when I grow to regret parting with my cash!

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

I got drawn into the hype surrounding this product and decided against my better judgement to go ahead and try this out. I wish I'd listened to the voice in my head saying it wasn't worth the £14 I paid for it, because It really isn't! I use a good moisturiser before I do my make up in the morning, so putting a primer on top will only result in going from "dewy" to an oily mess!! To top it all off, I'm not exactly in need of "resurfacing" at the moment either, so this sits in the drawer unloved!!

Neutrogena Visably Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser

I don't know what it is about this moisturiser, I actually used nearly all of it before realising It really isn't for me! In theory it sounded perfect, It "hydrates, smoothes and evens out skin" but it really did nothing for me. I'll give this about 1 out of 10 for hydration, I had to use an unbelievable amount of this to feel like I'd even moisturised. In the winter my skin gets drier too, so It just didn't cut it!!

ELF Contouring & Blush Compact

I will give it to ELF, the blush is very pretty, for £3.50 I can't really complain, but the bronzer? URGH, It makes me look muddy and is far too dark for me, because of this I hardly ever think to reach for this, so consequently the blush goes unloved too.

Barry M Lipgloss No.4

Right, so here's the thing, I love Barry M No.5, It's one of my favourites. I love the non sticky finish of these, and this one smells DIVINE, like strawberry yoghurt. But when I go to wear it, I look rediculous, It's simply too light for me and totally washes me out, I'd probably only use this if I was going to a 60's fancy dress party. Oh how I wish you suited me, even just for the smell!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation.

I used to love this but I over time I've realised it's just far to heavy, much like MAC SFF it feels like it's suffocating my skin, I just don't need that much coverage. I like my foundation to feel light, not like i'm caked in greasepaint. Sorry Studio Sculpt, I still use the concealer everyday, but this is just too much for everyday wear for me.

I realise all of these dislikes are very personal to me, they may be amazing on you!
Right so that's it! Do you have any of these products? Do you dislike them like me, or love them?? I'd love to know either way!

ps Please get involved and comment!! I've gained so many followers so quickly recently, so I'd like to get to know you all a little better, It'd be amazing to hear your opinions on this one!! Let me know who I'm rambling on to!

Laura xxx

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Unplanned Spending...

After going on a bit of a shopping spree at the weekend, I wasn't palnning to buy any make up for a while! But then Lilly Pulitzer for MAC came out and I decided to have a look...bad idea!! 

As you can see I was quite restrained! I only bought Coconut Ice Nail Polish from the collection, but it was the only product I had to have.
I also bought Shy Girl Lipstick, darker than I expected in the tube, but it's a lovely everyday lip colour.
168 Brush, I'd been toying with the idea of buying a decent contour brush for a while and this seems like it will do an amazing job!

Lots of Love, Laura xx

Five Minute FOTD

I went out for lunch with a friend today and she arrived half an hour early...I was still drying my hair!! So here is my five minute face...simple but enough to look healthy and put together.

All of these photo's were taken on my mobile camera so excuse the abysmal quality!

FACE: MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer, Nars Sheer Glow, MAC MSF Natural, MAC Fleur Power Blush.
EYES: MAC Bare Study Paint Pot, MAC Orb Eyeshadow on Highlight, MAC Phloof all over lid. Maybelline Lash Stiletto.
BROWS: MAC Espresso Shadow.
LIPS: MAC Shy Girl Lipstick.

What are you fail safe products for a five minute face?

Love, Laura xxx

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

January Favourites

When I usually go to do these posts It takes me a few moments to decide what to include, but this month I knew exactly which products had made it onto the list!!

I've got quite a few this month, so I've split them up!!


It's improved my skin sooo much, It look clearer, fresher and the tone seems to have improved, result!


I've raved and raved about Blissed Out, so go HERE to read more!!
Gel Eyeliner is my favourite, I've got an annoying patch of short eyelashes at the moment on one eye, so I've been using this to make my lashes appear thicker.
I've also talked about this eyeshadow HERE so you can read a bit more about it, but i've been wearing it in the crease and along my lower lashline in the day time.


This little heat protection spray has kept my ends from dying from GHD use, and it smells so pretty!
Fix + has been keeping my skin from looking too dry in this horrid winter weather, I spritz it on before make up, and I love it for wetting eyeshadows for a more long lasting, vibrant look!


Keeps my hands in check and smells divine!! I really notice the difference if I don't use it for a couple of days, It's my favourite favourite!!!

Have you tried any of these products? Tell me what you think!

Laura xxx

Monday, 1 February 2010

Top 5 (Well...7) Lip Products

I thought picking five of my favourite lip products would be an easy task, I was wrong!!

I managed to get down to seven, so here they are.

The Maginificent Seven:
Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Lip Balm
Barry M No 145
Barry M No 147
MAC Myth
MAC Costa Chic
Barry M Lipgloss No 5
Benefit Her Glossiness Didn't Hear It From Me

 Palmers Cocoa Butter is a absolute MUST for me, I get really dry lips in the winter, and I carry this around in every bag I own! It's super super moisturising!

So what do they look like?!

Top : Barry M No. 4, Benefit Her Glossiness Didn't Hear It From Me
Bottom: MAC Costa Chic, MAC Myth, Barry M 147, 145.

You can pretty much see from the colour palette what I'm obsessed with right now! Peachy Nude, Coral & the obligatory Pink!!

Barry M Lipgloss may be my favourite EVER. I despise sticky lipgloss so I'm afraid most of MAC just turns me right off. It smells of BUBBLEGUM too, I mean who could say no?!
Didn't Hear It From Me is my staple everyday lip product if I don't want to look to "done", I either slick it on alone or use it tone down a brighter lip colour.

Ok, Ok, I only bought Costa Chic on Friday...But It's already up there, what can I say, I'm a fickle beauty addict!
Myth is another product I have to do a massive retraction on, I said I hated this and it washed me out etc etc, but I've been using it under brighter lip products to tone them down, or with the Benefit lip gloss for a chic nude lip, Sorry Myth!

These two Barry M lipsticks, live in my handbag, The bright pink may appear scary but I just adore it for a statement lip, the 147 is my favourite ever Barry M lip paint, but Palmers is needed with this, it just dries my lips up like crazy!! It's worth is for the matte peach colour though.

So that's it!! Tell me yours! I'd love to know!

Laura xx

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