Sunday, 31 October 2010

Glitter Makes Me Giddy...

I realise we're doing two nail posts on the trot but I'm a little bit obsessed with my short nails this week!

Case in point: The Glitter Nail...

As I don't own (and probably never will) a bottle of glitter nail polish, I took head of this blog post by Tiffany D and did it free style with a little vile of fairy dust glitter I had in my miscellaneous draw!

It's ridiculously simple to follow but if you're stuck pop on over to her blog to see how...

I dragged Barry M Nail Paint in Grey out as I haven't worn it in about a year so felt it needed an outing, I'd forgotten how easy this is to apply, opaque in two thin coats and is a lovely blue grey! I slapped on Seche Vite over the top to seal it all in, naturally...

Does glitter make you feel giddy like me??

Laura xx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bye Bye Falsies, Hello Dark Nail Polish!

It had got to that point, to infill or not to infill? I went with not!

I've been craving super short nails all week so I decided to take the plunge and have them removed - NOTE: it really does pay to have them professionally removed, they'll still be weak but if your nail technician does a thorough job they'll look dramatically better than if you do it yourself, mine have hardly any ridges!


I reached into the dark depths of my nail varnish drawer and pulled out an oldie but a goodie.

Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI

I only wear this on super short nails as I think anything longer can look a bit well, witchy...I know Halloween is mere days away but I'd rather not thank you!

It's a gorgeous deep plum colour that catches the light to reveal it's true hue, beautiful!

It's also ridiculously difficult to photograph!

What nail varnish are you sporting at the moment??


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Mini Review: Lush Fresh Face Masks

The lovely people at my local lush were in a super generous mood on Sunday and gave me a couple of fresh face masks to try...

I've purchased Brazened Honey in the past so I know I love it, but was interested to try Ayesha out as I was told it would be perfect for my combination skin.

Neither of them look particularly beautiful but I went ahead safe in the knowledge that they were packed with goodness!
What Lush say about Ayesha:

"The fairy godmother of the fresh face masks. If you need to become Cinderella for the night then let the Fullers Earth smooth out fine lines while naturally astringent elderflower, kiwi and lime flower help firm your skin. A five minute facelift in a pot: for a while anyway! Now that's magic!"

I slapped this on and was practically choked by the stink, it's extremely strong and herbal so not for the faint hearted.

I did feel a bit like a zombie monster when I had this on so definately not one to do around anyone, especially if you're still in that stage of a relationship where you're still trying to convince him you look beautiful all the time!

This took a lot of scrubbing off, and I left it for a mere 10 minutes! Be prepared to get scrubbing if you try this.

When I (finally) got this off my skin felt AMAZING, it felt firm, smooth and my pores looked smaller so i'll by using this again, I only used about a quarter of the sample pot so a little goes a long way!!

Expect Brazened Honey up soon!!

£4.95 for 75g from Lush Stores &

Laura xxx

Monday, 25 October 2010

Have Yourself A Lush Kind Of Christmas...

Before we begin, I must say I go through phases with Lush. I'm either obsessed or just get 'lushed out' and can't stand the sight of it for a few months, BUT Christmas is when it really hits the jackpot and draws me in!

l-r Fizzbanger, Gingerbread House, Snow Fairy Lip Tint, Snow Fairy Shower Gel & Mrs Whippy.

Fizzbanger is an amazing mix of apple, cinnamon and toffee! The moment I gave it a sniff I just had to pop it in my basket, I was told by one of the guys that it has popping candy in it too, I hope it packs more of punch than Cinders did last year!
This isn't a Christmas product but I couldn't leave it behind...

Gingerbread House is a gorgeous spicy sweet smelling bubble bar that I can't wait to use, this little product set my whole Lush kick into overdrive as my wonderful little sister bought me this as a gift! This truly does look good enough to eat and I can't wait to give it a go. I adore the little cinnamon chimney too, how cute!

Everybody knows the wonders of Snow Fairy so I won't go on too much here. The lip tint was a complete impulse buy...did I need it? um, no. Could I leave without it? Oh no!!
It's a gorgeous light strawberry pink that feels so moisturising on your lips, yummy!!
It contains Shea Butter, Icing Sugar, Dried Raspberries and Sherbet, the perfect sweet treat.

Mrs Whippy caught my eye the moment I walked in, it's just so damn cute! I looks just like the name suggests, a beautiful cupcake ice cream dream that I can't wait to plop into the bath.
This one smells like a strawberry cupcake and has an intriguing strawberry centre, amazing!
This isn't a christmas product, but who cares when it's this lovely right?

Of course I had to purchase a massive Snow Fairy shower gel as I've been mourning the loss of the sweet scent ever since I used it all up during the summer!

Are you indulging in Lush this Christmas??

Laura xxx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

This Weekend I'm Mostly Loving

...Make Up Rediscovery

I've been working my way through my bulging collection this week and I've really enjoyed it, I find it more satisfying than trying something new!

Winter Sunshine & Going on Walks

Visiting lovely places means snapping some lovely pictures... 
Pretty Ballerina Flats

I realise I gave these a mention recently, but I'm in love, I'm squeezing all the use out of them as I can before the British winter fully lands and it's boots only territory...

Other things that have  made my weekend:

Melba Toast
The Vampire Diaries
X Factor (of course!)
H&M Jogging Trousers


Monday, 18 October 2010

Ring Ding Ding

I'm a sucker for cheapo Topshop jewellery and rarely leave without a little something:

Just a few little beauties

Do you have a soft spot for costume jewellery or do you prefer the real deal?


Saturday, 16 October 2010

This Weekend I'm Mostly Loving...

Gold Tips On My Fingers

Cath Kidston In The Shower

Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci Spritzed All Over Me

Big Messy Volume In My Hair

....And Nude Primark Wedges On My Feet (Comfy!)

What Are You Enjoying This Weekend??

Laura xxx 

Friday, 15 October 2010

NOTD - Me Me Me Polish in 78 Demure

What a catchy title!!

I picked this up on a whim this afternoon after exchanging a pair of trousers in H&M, in the bottle it looks a bit more pinky grey rather than the very-standard-I-have-this-colour-in-about-five-different-bottles griege.

It has a really wide brush which made painting my nails a breeze, even though i'm supposed to be writing up a business report right now...

The only thing that puzzles me about this polish is that it claims to be a high gloss finish yet its rediculously matte, the shine your seeing comes courtesy of seche vite top coat...

it's a mystery!

Hope you're all having a good Friday!!

One more thing, 450 of you beautiful pals have decided to join me on The Beauty Spark so keep your eyes peeled for a little something to celebrate!! I'm not sure what i'm going to do yet but I wanted to make it more than just "enter me" as I want it to be for all of you!!

Lots of Love, Laura xxx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Embarking On A New Mission...

It's that time again, I'm trying out a new skincare routine!

After my unfortunate experience with some of Bliss's products I've decided to go a little less expensive and go for something a bit kinder on my poor old skin.

Over the past few months my skin has been heading more to the combination side of the spectrum which took me by surprise as it's always edged towards dry in the past.

I've heard lots of good things about La Roche Posay and decided to take the plunge when I spotted Boots were running a 3 for 2 on all skincare, yay!

I picked up the Physiological Soothing Lotion, Toleriance Fluide and for the eagle eyed amongst you, I popped in a Vichy product - Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care to see if it works on the pores I've noticed around my nose and the few little scars around my mouth and chin.

I'll keep you updated on how this all goes, hopefully being kind to my skin works!

Laura xxx

Monday, 11 October 2010

I Love...

...Sleek Pout Polish In Powder Pink

I think these are one of my favourite products by Sleek, perfect for in the day and oh so soft with a delicious scent that reminds me of bounty and kinder beuno rolled into one, I usually have one of these with me.

I picked up powder pink yesterday and I really do think it's my new favourite!!

Available at Superdrug nationwide and they'll set you back a reasonable £3.99

Laura xxx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dream Team

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 150 Buff and Bourjois Bio Detox Concealer in No.2

These two products have made my life a million times easier over the past week as I can do my face in the  morning and forget about it, no touch ups and no excessive checking to see if i'm looking on the oily side of dewy.

I simply buff the foundation in with a 187 brush and pop the concealer on under my eyes with either a 130 or 224 brush and i'm away, I don't even have to powder!!

(l-r colorstay and concealer!)

Inset pointless swatch!

If you can excuse my rediculous shot, I'd just like to add that I took this photo at 9pm at night, after applying the foundation at's clearly lived up to it's reputation!

The only negative I have about both of the products is the packaging, the foundation desperately needs a pump although I have heard that Revlon are sorting that one out, and the concealer rollerball has left me with a few hygiene questions and some of the dried concealer has stopped it from rolling to the best of its ability!
Other than that i'm sold!!

                                Thumbs up for a drugstore foundation routine that actually works!

Laura xxx

Twinkle Toes

I adore Zara for flats, they always seems to give something a little bit different and they always seem to last.

I spotted these yesterday when I was out shopping with my sister and I had to have them, whats not to love?!

The navy suede and the silver toe cap are just perfect, a new favourite! 

The cost? £29.99.

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Oh Dear...

I always find when purchasing skincare that you're taking a little bit of a risk, when you pick up a blusher or a nail varnish you usually have a pretty good idea how the whole thing is going to turn out, but you can never be sure when you invest in a skincare system that it's going to work out...

A couple of months ago I decided to give Bliss a whirl as I'd come to the end of my Clinique 3 Step System and decided to kick the habit and try something new.

I took the plunge and purchased a full size Triple Oxygen Cream, and thankfully I absolutely love it and have had no problems with.

But, I also decided to try the Bliss Youth As We Know It skincare system and bought a sample pack.

Before I'd even tried it there were certain "issues" see here for some lovely photo's of the nightcream...

I decided to forgive and forget and Bliss were more than helpful and I can't find fault with the customer service...


I've stopped and started with the Youth As We Know It products as how ever much I try I just can't like them...

They smell pleasant enough and if I use the cleanser and toner alone they work just fine, but when you put these all together it seems to go wrong. The eye cream make the skin under my eyes sting which is worrying enough in itself and one the nightcream has been applied after a few minutes of feeling luxuriously soft, if I touch my skin it all seems to almost coagulate and ball off my skin...considering the problems I had with the freshness of the products last time it leaves me thinking if these have gone a bit funny too. It's left me running for a face wipe too many times.

I'm afraid it just doesn't cut it!

As much as I hate to completely damn a product you need to hear the bad sometimes otherwise I just wouldn't be doing my job!

I'm Sorry Bliss, Better Luck Next Time??

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Broadway Baby...

Last weekend, on a complete whim I decided to pop on some false nails to smarten up my neglected talons, wandering through Boots I picked up the only set of false nails without a french tip...

Enter Broadway Nails...£3.99, thanks very much.

I'm really impressed with the results considering they were a cheap quick fix that I stuck on myself...

The nail polish I'm sporting is Nails Inc London (Free with Diet Coke!)

On another nail related note, I picked up the much chatted about Seche Vite top coat at the same time and I bloody love it! Perfect for quick before bed varnish changes! I've heard about this drying out peoples natural nails though, but as its just on the false ones, no problem here!

I've had these beauties on for 4 days now and they're still going strong so I'll definitely be using them again if I need a quick fix without resorting to more permanent falsies.

Love, Laura xxx

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lipstick Kisses...

I'm a sucker for a lipstick, and the bulging draw of it doesn't hide my secret very well!

After much deliberation i've managed to pick my Top 10 favourite lipsticks for you all!

L-R (Click To Enlarge!) 

YSL Rouge Volupte No2 in Sensual Silk: There's something about this lipstick that makes me feel like a proper grown up when I whip it out and pop it on, the packaging is to die for and the lipstick is heaven on the lips, although don't expect a long lasting one with this!
Revlon Colorburst in Coral: If I want a red lip, this is my lipstick I reach for, it's a bright yellow red and feels just that little bit younger!
NARS Barbarella: This is possibly the easiest lipstick to wear I've ever owned, it's sheer and lovely and goes with anything.
All Styled Up: If I'm going out in the evening and I don't have time to do anything special, I'll stick this on and it makes you look like you've made an effort.
MAC Creme Cup: Another "safe" shade, there's a theme forming here! I adore this lipstick but I have to be careful with it because my laptop fan decided to massacre it!
MAC Myth: I'm not a massive fan of this on it's own and I do find it to be a tad drying, but it's perfect for toning down brighter lipsticks if I don't feel like going all out.
Barry M Lip Paint 62: When it comes to pigmentation Barry doesn't disappoint, for the price they're the best out there. I have to be in the right mood to wear this, but it's always an occasion when I do!
MAC Viva Glam Gaga: Rather similar to All Styled Up but slightly more wearable in the daytime, I was obsessed with this when I got it and i'm still reaching for it when i'm stuck on what to wear.
MAC Ravishing: Throughout the summer this was in regular use, it's a lovely coral that I just love!
MAC Shy Girl: Everybody should own this, it's the ultimate day lippie, it's the perfect mix of pink and nude that just screams effortless chic.

What are your Top 10 lipsticks, let me know!

Laura xxx

We All Love A Freebie...

I popped into Waitrose today to get a few things and went on a bit of a magazine bender...

I buy In Style most monthes so this cute little L'Occitane Creme Mains was a lovely bonus, but of course the free Ciate nail polish on offer in Marie Claire drew me in, I've never tried one of their polishes so I thought, why not!?

My very brief first impressions:

Nail Polish - Lovely colour, not too unique though! Pinky swatched and looks good in one coat, a lot like Miami Beet by OPI though!
Creme Mains - This has been popped straight in my hand bag! Winter is upon us and it's a lovely light, but moisturising cream, the floral scent is quite overwhelming at first though, it's got me wishing i'd picked up the original as In Style are offering a choice of three!

You've got to love a freebie xxx

Friday, 1 October 2010

Going Natural

It goes without saying that I have more than a mild interest in make up, but sometimes I crave the simple approach, keeping it natural...with the help of a few friends.

Natural but groomed is a winner if you're going to work or running around all day.

Ignore the hair, what's the point in doing anything other than a ponytail in torrential rain!?

The Basics

I just start with a great moisturiser (Bliss Triple Oxygen) then pop on a bit of MUFE Face & Body and Benefit It Stick under my eyes to hide any tiredness.

Now it's winter i'm embracing the pale for a while and have a new found love for Frankly Scarlet blush by MAC, it's a BRIGHT red, but LIGHTLY applied to the cheeks it gives me healthy flush.

Brows are absolutely essential to pull together a clean, natural look, i've just brushed a bit of Espresso e/s from MAC through my brows with an angled eyeliner brush.

Eyes are super super simple, I've just used some Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous, which I must admit, has grown on me since I first tried it, I think it's got better as it's dried out.

Whilst some people don't feel dressed without a bit of lippie, I love to just wear a bit of tinted lip balm if i'm going natural.

Do you like embracing the natural look or are you commited to your make up in a big way!?

Laura xxx
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