Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Jury Is Out...

A few weeks ago during a particularly wet, boring lunch break, I found myself in the CCO that just so happens to be perilously close to the office...I went in for a browse, I came out with Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation.

Now that I've filled you in on the gripping back story, I shall begin.

This may strike you as an odd review, but in all honesty, I really don't know whether I like this product, or absolutely loath it.

I've always been put off trying Double Wear simply because I don't need such high coverage foundation and I've heard plenty of gripes about how tricky it is to apply. This for me, is where this foundation falls down as well. This may be the Double Wear Light, but I still cannot work out the best method of application!

I've tried:

Flat Foundation Brush
Duo Fibre Brushes (MAC 187/130)
Round Top Kabuki

Nothing seems to give me flawless application, it just sits on the skin and looks too obvious.

(Intensity 1.0)

Blended Out...


I do find that the lasting power of this is wonderful, it requires a tiny amount of powder to set and doesn't budge all day (7:30am - 6pm). That's pretty good going.

If I can just solve the application issue, I could really grow to love this foundation.

Any suggestions!!

(RRP £25.50 - If you can get to a CCO they have them for £18.00 at the moment)

Laura x


Mixing with a little strobe cream gives a much slicker application!


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Keeping Currant...

When it's gets to summer, dark lip colours are really not on the menu for me. But, as I sat at my dressing table this morning, I had a craving for a deep wine colour behold.

USED: MAC Current Lip Pencil & Barry M Lipstick in 145.

Current lip pencil alone is scarily dark, it's a true deep burgundy and is a must have for those who aren't scared to indulge in a little bit of colour. If you don't want to go the whole nine yards but still want a bit of drama, a punchy pink lipstick like Barry M 145 lifts the colour and adds a bit of life into Gothic lips, it brings it to just the right side of rebellious for me! I just apply the lip pencil then add the lipstick straigtht from the bullet, but clean up afterwards with a clean lip brush, and touch up around my lips with a MAC 130 brush with a tiny bit of foundation on it.

What are you favourite bright lipstick combinations??

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Old Faithful

If the weather has been anything like it has near me today you know it's been a bit bonkers. I refuse to completely return to my winter wardrobe and give the weather the satisfaction, so instead I've whipped out the old faithful chinos.

The chinos in question are from H&M and are a brilliant basic item to have in your wardrobe, I love them so much I snapped them up in Navy too.

Obviously i'm treating you to my wonderful self timing skills here: grumpy face!
Cardi: Topshop
Grey Vest: H&M

Minimal Accesories as Usual:

Bag: Ebay
Shoes: Topshop

I followed the minimal theme with the slap today too, although the flash from the camera makes me look positively aneamic.

Do you have an old faithful that you can rely on?

Laura xxx

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Product Rave: Illamasqua Skin Base

Even if you've only tentatively dipped your toe in the frivolous world of the beauty community, you will have undoubtedly caught wind of the buzz that's current surrounding BB creams. To the uninitiated: An all purpose cult Asian 'Beauty Balm' that doubles as moisturiser, foundation & concealer.

Illamasqua appear to have recognized the potential for a product in the UK, and oh my, it's a good one.

So, why does this deserve a product rave?

1: The shade range is brilliant. From 01 White for those who even the lightest shade could do with lightening up, to 18 Deep Dark Neutral, Illamasqua have delivered a shade range that will suit nearly ever skintone out there. Sorted by undertones, you'll be sure to find your perfect match.

I was sent samples of 3 (Yellow Undertone) 4 (Yellow/Pink Undertone) & 5 (Pink Undertone) and for me, 3 is a tad yellow, 5 is a tad too pink, but 4 sits just right. BUT whilst having a good play with them, 3 works fabulously used just in the areas that I have slight redness, it cancels it out a treat.

2: Application. This literally glides on like a dream, I tried applying it with a MAC 130 brush that works brilliantly, but just using clean fingers is the deal of the day with this foundation, I took me no time at all and I looked like i'd taken some serious time.

3: Finish. Illamasqua mention that the foundation is "undetectable in an HD environment" and I agree that it photographs amazingly...

I'd advise you to click on the picture and take a closer look, it just gives an amazing finish to the skin, absolutley (as usual) no photoshopping here!!

The foundation gives medium-full coverage but doesn't look caked on in the slightest, it's the ultimate cheat foundation for the 'natural' look!

4: Longevity. I gave the foundation it's first outing last night at a party, and I was suprised that I didn't have to touch up once. 5 hours later it still looked like i'd applied it 10 minutes ago. Impressed. Illamasqua claim that this is suitable for all skin types: It's worked a dream on my combination/dry skin and I suspect unless you have very oily skin this would work well.

A quick snap.

The Facts:

£25.00 RRP for 30ml of product.
Available at, Illamasqua's flagship store on Beak St, Soho, or any Selfridges Counter.


If you're unsure of what shade to plump for and can't get to a counter, for the next 2 weeks, Illamasqua will be giving shade advise by email, so just fire off an email to and tell them your skin's undertones, the foundation shade you currently wear and they'll try and give you the best match. 

 I'm putting in an order for a full size bottle right now...

Laura xxx

Friday, 17 June 2011

Atomic Omp!

 If you haven't heard already, Nails Inc are teaming up with Fabulous Magazine in the News of the World to give away two free, yes FREE, nails inc polishes in bang on trend summer brights, Atomic (Orange) & Omp!Oh My Pink (Candy Apple Pink...yes really).

If you want to get your pretty little hands on these little gems, just collect the three tokens in the next four weeks of Fabulous and take them to Tesco! Simple.

A quick word on the application, that's one quick coat ladies, opaque and glossy, not bad for free.

(soo much pinker in the flesh...bad camera.)

Over & Out xx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday In & Out...

Salut mon belles filles,

I hope you've all had a spiffing weekend, mine went by in the blink of an eye...le sigh.

Anyway, down to business.


Big Waves: I think I've finally mastered the mythical big and bouncy hair, and I like it...have a peek at my efforts here.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: I got this scent last year and I wasn't blown away by it but it's become a real favourite over the past few weeks. A bit more of sophisticated scent perhaps?!

Laura is Back: This news actually made my weekend, go and check out

YouTube: I'm actually really enjoying it at the moment, i've even roped in my sister!


Delayed Summer: Where is the sunshine, did it not get the memo, it's June!

Single Beds...: Go with me on this one, the room i'm staying in during the week has single beds...I have nearly fell out of it la kingsize! x

Right, that's it for now, have a brilliant week!

Laura x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Video: Sister Tag

When the English summertime brings nothing but rain, you may as well rope your younger sister into gracing YouTube!

If you fancy watching it in better quality, double click and watch it on my channel...

Have a lovely Sunday!

Laura xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Style Inspiration: Lily Collins

At the moment, the one celebrity I've been loving hair and make up wise is model, actress, offspring of that famous drummer Phil - Lily Collins.

Lily is all about looking effortlessly polished but keeping it easy and cool at the same time.

It's not a million miles away from my own personal style, just add in some amazing eyebrows and a few face framing curls, it's love!

Of course I'm missing the golden California tan and buckets of eyeliner but is all about adapting to your own style!

(pale pauline alert...thanks camera!)

FACE: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation Under Eyes.
NARS Penny Lane Cream Blush
MAC Harmony Blush to Contour
MAC Espresso & Nehru through brows.
MAC Orb on lid, Cork in crease.
Rimmel Lash Accelerator.
MAC Calm Mode Lip Conditioner

Who is your style inspiration?


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blogs of the Month...

I've been really enjoying the following ladies this month and I'm all about sharing the love!

The Long Time Favourite:

I've been a fan of this wonderful blog for a long time, if honest product reviews and impeccable skin are your bag, you'll love this one!

Twitter: @thebeautybite

On The Radar:

A recent discovery but a new favourite, meg brings a brilliant mix of fashion & beauty to the blogging table, one to watch!

Twitter: @madeinacup

YouTube Favourite:

I only discovered Barbara's videos this week but I've been hooked! Hands down my recommendation for this month!

Who have you been loving this month?

Laura xx

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Video: Inside My Travel Make Up Bag.

Attractive Thumbnail....

Just a quick tip, i'd double click on the video and go and watch this in HD! It's far better quality than on the mediocre screen here...comment/rate/subscribe!

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May Favourites...

I've sacked off the gym because my legs are killing me in favour of having some quality blog time...

I have very limited favourites this month simply because I've been living out of one TINY make up bag...I know, I've become a master at travelling light!

1.Nails Inc Polish In Electric Teal: It's so out of my usual shade of nail polish but it's amazing on your toes for a bit of a change! If you want to see it on click HERE...and see if you can snap it up in InStyle as it might still be available!

2.Dior Vernis in Gold Nugget: I've had this polish for ages but it's one of my all time favourites for summer/christmas time (polar opposites I realise...) take a closer look HERE. The magic with this polish is that it's a dream to apply, just one coat and I can be out of the door, Je l'aime!

3.MAC Style Blush...It's my favourite, you all know it's my favourite...I won't say anymore! Ok I will, If you're not aware of my ridiculous obsession with this cheek product it's the perfect peach/gold blush that is my skins best friend!

4.Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers: I've been so tired in the morning recently and these really are the perfect antidote to tired eyes, It gives my lashes that extra boost and makes my mascara work that little bit harder.

What are you favourites this month?

Laura x
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