Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hot Shots 002.

I started this a while ago and have done a terrible job at keeping it regular...


I watched:

Precious & A Single Man

I've been wearing:

Rings from Topshop (L) and Accessorize (R)

I'm addicted to:

Vanilla & Christmas Cookie Candles!

I've been failing at:

Outfit Posts: Maybe it's time to get a tripod?!

Laura x

Friday, 28 January 2011

Where The Magic Happens...

Welcome to The Beauty Spark HQ!

It's not perfect but it works quite well.

I've managed to sort most of my "collection" into the drawers to the left of my desk, yet it's spilling over onto the top and invading valuable work space!!

It's quite tricky trying to work from the same space you do make up etc and in an ideal world I'd have it all on a different dressing table but I can't complain.

I picked the desk up from an antiques market for about £20 last summer with ideas of stripping and painting it but life got in the way, it does go well with my Narnia wardrobe though!

If you're wondering about my chair I'm waiting on a new office chair as it's on order so i'm using a very uncomfortable kitchen chair...blurgh.

I'm also currently burning a gorgeous vanilla candle and just about to start on a massive Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle which I snapped up for £7 in a sale!

If you want anything elaborating on please ask in the comments below, do you want a closer look at my make up??

Laura xxx

Thursday, 27 January 2011

What's In My Bag...Updated!

The Bag In Question:

I've been using this black leather shoulder bag from Topshop recently as it's easy to throw bits and bobs in whilst i'm on the go then I usually chuck any work related things in a Cath Kidston Canvas Bag. I bought this ages ago so I couldn't tell you how much it was sorry!

So, What's Inside?!

A Whole Array of Junk & A Suprising Amount of Lip Products!
(L-R Clockwise)
  1. Cath Kidston Wallet
  2. Cupcake Wipes
  3. Map
  4. Bits of Paper!
  5. Mobile Phone
  6. Umbrella
  7. Vichy Dermablend Corrective Concealer
  8. MAC MSF Natural
  9. Oil Absorbing Sheets
  10. Sigma SS134
  11. Lip Pencil
  12. ELF Warm Bronze (Mainly for Mirror!)
  13. Barry M Lipgloss in Toffee
  14. 10p...
  15. Multiple Burts Bees Lip Balms!
  16. Vera Wang Princess Rollerball
  17. 17 Mirror Shine in Beehive
  18. Sleek Pout Polish in Powder Pink
  19. Cath Kidston Coin Purse (Car Park Fund!)
I promise you I'm not a Cath Kidston obsessive, I got both purses as gifts for Christmas as people cottoned on to the fact I'm partial to a bit of Kidston!

I'm actually quite embarrassed at the amount of lip products I've got in such a small bag haha, a girl can never have enough!


That's the contents of my bag/everyday life...including scrappy bits of paper and that loose change you always find in your bag.

What are your everyday essentials that you have to carry around with you?

Laura xxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Few New Additions... my perfume stash.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle & Vivienne Westwood Boudoir.

Both of these lovely scents came as beautiful Christmas presents yet I'm only just getting around to telling you about them!

Coco Mademoiselle strikes the right balance between more traditional No.5 and the youthful notes of Chance. I wore Chance A LOT when I was about 16 so this perfume feels a little more grown up without being a bit old. It's neither overly floral or sweet with a delicate citrus punch and it settles so well on the skin to leaves a delicious lingering scent.

Boudoir jumps right to the other end of the scale with its heavy powdery scent. It's a rich, spicy almost woody scent that hits you with a strong floral note and then dives into a darker fragrance. I wouldn't have picked this out for myself as I'm usually a really floral girl but I love wearing this in the evening as it's the perfect scent to wear out in the evening as it's ridiculously long lasting. 

Have you tried any new scents recently or are you branching out from your comfort zone?? 

Laura xx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Out Of The Dark...

...and into the light pink!

OPI Hawaiian Orchid

As much as I adore the grey/purple/brown/taupe hues of winter sometimes a girl just needs a little light pink in her life!

This particular polish is a lovely ballet pink with a slight shimmer, a princess nail in a bottle...

This is about 3 coats of polish but for such a pretty colour I don't mind.

Laura xxx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Pretty in Indian Pink...

FACE: MUFE Face and Body
Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation in Opal 15 (under eyes and on chin)
MAC MSF in Stereo Rose
MAC Espresso through brows

EYES: Rimmel Lash Accelerator

LIPS: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Pencil in 004 Indian Pink

I have no idea if this is even available anymore but I dug it out of my make up drawer on friday and i've worn it three days in a row now because it's such a pretty shade of natural pink!

Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint (it's the perfect match to the pencil!)

Have a good week everyone, I'm going away 'on business' until Wednesday but please still tweet and say hello as I'll be checking in!!

Laura xxx

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rimmel Lash Accelerator

After cleansing my mascara draw last weekend I decided there was nothing else to do but purchase a new mascara!

After foundation, mascara is my second make up love. You can never get enough of beautiful long thick lashes!

Spurred on by all of the good things I've been hearing about Rimmel London's foray into the lash growth world I thought i'd put up Lash Accelerator...

As this claims to contain a lash growth complex I was well and truely suckered in!

First Impressions

The packaging isn't exactly my favourite but who really cares, you don't wear the packaging on your lashes!
The brush is quite slim and isn't gimmicky, just run of the mill...

The Acid Test

My lashes are completely bare here but I have just curled them slightly...


Not a lot of lash action going on here....


I'm actually really impressed!

I've got lots and lots of length and just enough volume to make this a perfect day time mascara.

My only criticism is it was edging on the territory of clumpy on my other eye so be a little careful when applying as it's quite wet.

As far as the lash grow complex is concerned I'll have to see for myself in a few weeks and get back to you but even if it's not successful i'll still enjoy this mascara!

If you're thinking of trying this out, it's on offer in Superdrug for £5.99 (rrp £8.99) at the moment so check it out!

Laura xx

Friday, 14 January 2011


Illamasqua appear to have done it again with there stunning Valentines mini collection that isn't just for lovers...

I'm already lusting after 'Sangers' a dangerously decedant red lipstick that just screams my name.
Full of witty products such as 'Load' (a creamy white nail polish..tut tut Illamasqua!) this looks like the perfect andecdote for Valentines, whether you're drowning your sorrows in beautiful make up or getting a little gift from your sweetheart.

What do you think?

Laura xxx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Truely A Treasure...

Barry M Dusky Mauve...

A little while ago, I was stalking my local Boots and Superdrug for what seemed like forever and like a princess in shining armour the lovely Stina came to my rescue and offered to send me a bottle!

At first I wasn't blown away but It's suddenly grown on me. The subtle purple shimmer it gorgeous and I've found it goes with everything i've thrown on this week! My kind of nail polish.

Have you tried this and love it or not totally convinced?

Laura xx

p.s I realise blogging has been a little sparse recently but fear not all will be restored in due course, I have quite a hectic work load at the moment and on the grand scale of things, blogging has to take a back seat! I'd still love to hear from you though so please do get in touch with any ideas or suggestions that you'd like to see from The Beauty Spark, you're involvement makes this so much more fun for me!


Monday, 10 January 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

I can't remember the last time I did a favourites post but I've been LOVING some things recently that I'd thought i'd share...

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

I've been without a decent set of eyelash curlers for ages and I was very kindly given them by my sister who got me them as a Christmas present, they make such a difference and make any mascara work that little bit harder for you!

Grand Entrance Eyeshadow

I dug this out from the archives at the weekend and wore it with espresso eyeshadow in the crease and it was's one of my all time favourite shadows for a reason, look out for it if MAC ever repromote it!

Barry M Lip Pencil in No.3

It's probably one of the nicest lip pencils I've ever used as it glides on without a hitch and it's the perfect red to either wear alone or as a killer base for a hot red lip.

Enormous Topshop Ring

After reviving it from the dead with a bit of help from some superlglue it's back in business, how I love you so!

A Few of My Favourites...

The Beauty Bite

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


p.s I've put a 'like' button below as I know sometimes you just don't know what to say in comments, I'm the same, so if you do 'like' this or any of the posts, just click away!


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Models Own Anybody?

If you fancy a free make up kit worth £24 from Models Own have I got some news for you!

All you need to do is collect two tokens from 'Fabulous' magazine in the News of the World from 9th to 23rd January, simple! Then just pop them along to your local Tesco store!

You can get your hands on:
· Tweezers with a precision cut edge to create a beautiful shape;
· A liquid eyeliner with pointed foam nib for amazing eye definition;
· A duo eyeshadow to create a sultry smokey look that’s perfect for day and night wear;
· An eyelash curler for a natural and lasting curl, and
· Volumising mascara to frame your eyes all day (and night) long

You'll also get a free make up bag and 25% off at models own!

full details at -

Sounds like a deal to me!

Laura x

Friday, 7 January 2011

Foundation Junkie

Some girls crave lipstick, others fawn over blush and some girls can't get enough eyeshadow...but I'm definitely a foundation junkie.

Now I may be blaspheming to the gods of cosmetics when I say this, but I really cannot get my head around owning 20 hot pink lipsticks or several eyeshadows in essentially the same shade.

Now I am guilty of this, and try desperately to justify this to myself but where I get a kick is foundation....


Now before you label me as boring as the beige hue of my foundation it is by far my favourite make up item as i'm forever on a quest for the ultimate flawless face!!

My current favourites are:


It will come as no surprise to you that I'm still in love with my Make Up Forever Face & Body Foundation as I don't usually suffer with bad skin and this works well to even out my skin tone in the daytime.


On a few occasions when friends have asked me which foundation I would recommend and I always tell them to check these two foundations before they go and splash the cash.

I've absolutely loved Max Factor Second Skin foundation and I've repurchased it several times, I don't have one at the moment as I've got so many on the go, but I'm definately going to buy this again.

I won't bang on about the joys of Revlon Colorstay as i'm sure you've heard it before, but this really does go the distance if you want a more full coverage foundation. I've been using this if I go on a night out and it doesn't budge!


I absolutely adore NARS Sheer Glow now we're into winter, over summer it became a complete no go as I'd looking like an oily mess by the middle of the day but it is the PERFECT colour for me and a little goes a long way, as soon as this runs out I'll be running for a new one!


I'm not sure this should even be called a foundation as it is such heavy coverage but it is genius, Vichy Dermablend has replaced any concealer for me at the moment as it covers everything and anything, it's photoshop for the face! I let my friends try some a few weeks ago and they couldn't believe how much it covered and were hooked!


Do you have an foundation recommendations, I'm itching to try something completely new!


Monday, 3 January 2011

Mini Sweet Treats...

And here we go, 2011!

I hope you all had a brilliant new year and are looking forward to a brand new start!

This is only a quick one but I just wanted to show you these adorable little bits...

Ice Cream, Cupcakes and Sweets are definitely off the menu at the moment but who said you can't wipe your hands or slick your lips with something instead?!

I was giving all of these in various little christmas treats stockings and I love them all dearly!!

Laura xxx

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