Monday, 28 February 2011

Last Week, She Asked Me How To Spell Orange...

Like it or loath it, we're going to be seeing a lot more orange this season...

I've got slightly fed up of the de rigour winter's taupe and dark nail polish so (slightly prematurely) slapped some lovely bright orange on my nails...


The polish is Barry M 301 Block Orange

I must say, Barry is making a big comeback on my nails recently, the last three polishes I've chosen have been from him, Cheers Baz!

Laura xx

Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday Update

I don't know about you but this week has just run away with me, I'm pretty sure I've misplaced a few days somewhere!

Today was pretty low key, I've just about finished a massive report so had a little bit of time to go for a snack and chat with my lovely friend.

I went to the gym this morning and only had 30 mins to get ready as I left everything a bit late but I thought this might be a good opportunity to tell you about my 5 minute face...

I usually use a light foundation like MUFE face & body but decided to use Revlon Colorstay today as it was the closest thing to me, I didn't use any concealer on top as it's already quite full coverage.
I simply rub some cream blush into my cheeks with my fingertips - I used NARS Penny Lane.
I added a bit of shimmer to my cheekbones with MAC Style Blush.
I quickly ran a bit of MAC Espresso through my brows to neaten them up.
For eyes, I quickly curled my lashes and then swept some MAC Phloof over my lid with a 224 Brush and then just used some Revlon Fabulash on my lashes.
I just put some burts bees lip balm on my lips.

The outfit was pretty simple today too...

Leggings: H&M
White Top: H&M
Jumper: Primark
Scarf: Primark
Boots: Topshop
Bag: Primark

I'm in love with this little brown bag at the moment, it's the sweetest thing!

Have a good Friday!

Laura xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Curly Girl

As we teeter on the edge of Spring/Summer the time has come again when predictions are made in the fashion crystal ball as to what we'll be rocking in a few months time.

Fashion appears to have tempestuous relationship with curls, they're either embraced or ironed out of the seasons trends...literally.

Umberto Giannini's stylist Paul Gooch has put his money on classic waves being big this season and as a girl with a love hate relationship with my own curls I was eager to see if two UG products could make me embrace the curl...

L-R Curl Friends Silky Curls Smoothing Balm & Hold Me Curl Hairspray

Now I will admit I couldn't go the whole nine yards a la Rihanna:

But I did add a little curl into my life...

After blowdrying and curling with tongs I used a small amount of the Smoothing Balm through my curls to smooth any frizz and separate.

Next I spritzed the whole thing Hold Me Curl Hairspray...

The Verdict

I really do like these two little products, the smell is divine and you can't ever say no to hot pink packaging!
I will say out of the two products I do prefer the hairspray as it really did hold my curls in all day and kept any frizz away.

Smoothing Balm: RRP £4.99
Hold Me Curls Hairspray: RRP £4.99

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Product of the Day: MAC By Candlelight MSF

Despite MSF's being some of most gorgeous looking make up I own, they often get overlooked or forgotten about...I find myself thinking "if only I had a highlight in a bit like that" then remember I do in the form of my beautiful MSF's!

I've been making a conscious effort to reach for them for the past few days and remembered why 'By Candlelight' is so stunning...

It's the perfect champagne highlight for a paler skintone...

As the light here is appalling right now I just cannot get it to show up on my face, but fear not, I'm sure it'll be appearing in on here soon!

Laura xx

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Latest Obsession: Bedazzled Lips.

Perhaps not one for the everyday wearable side of make up but stunning all the same...

You might have also spotted this trend on hot new singer Jessie J...

Not one for everybody, but it really is stunning to look at.

If you did want to channel the trend, why not go a bit more subtle and press a colour glitter onto a lipgloss or lip mix, similar to the third photo down.

All of these photographs were sources from an AMAZING site for inspiration and ideas.
Laura xx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Beauty Spark 101: How To Clean Your Brushes.

Sometimes It's good to get back to basics and it's also easy to assume everybody already knows what they're doing so I'm going to share with you how I take care of my brushes, as everybody should know how important it is to keep your brushes clean!


Take some dirty brushes...

You'll Need:

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
A Clean Flannel
 A Sponge


Soak your sponge thoroughly with warm water and damp the bristles of your brush with warm water as well. Always hold your brush with the bristles pointing downwards as you don't want any water getting into the handle as this will damage the brush.
Put a small spot of baby shampoo on the sponge and move the brush along the sponge in a straight line.

You should start to see any dirt and make up coming off the brush and onto the sponge.


Rinse the brush carefully under warm water (always pointing it down!) and the put it to dry.
I take a towel and roll one end into a small sausage to make a ledge to rest the brush on so it will dry without letting any moisture into the furrules (the metal part!)

Leave Overnight to Dry!


If you use your brushes for foundation/concealer or cream products you may find it hard to remove all of the product with just baby shampoo and water...

Simply put a tiny amount of olive oil on a plate and gentle move the brush around in it...

You should start to see product coming away from the brush, magic!

Simply follow with Step 1 & 2 afterwards

In the morning you should have clean, lovely brushes!

Laura xx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Current Skincare Routine

I'm a firm believer in the importance of good skin care, what's the point of buying expensive foundation/concealer etc if you're not taking care of what's underneath??

I've managed to find a blend of different brands that are give me good results so I thought I'd share it with you.

It's a wide mix of higher end and cheaper products as I feel you can't judge a skincare product on price!


I finally took the plunge and ordered some Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish a few weeks ago and it's working wonderfully so far. It's a fantastic cleanser but doesn't feel like it's drying out my skin like a lot of brands I've tried in the past. I use it with the muslin cloth although I do have my beady eye on a Clarisonic!

I use a separate eye make up remover as I find the Cleanse & Polish doesn't shift it so I just picked this up in Waitrose. It's the 'Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make Up Remover'. I'm not sure I'll be buying this again because despite it claiming to be very gentle, it STINGS if you get any directly into your eye...not exactly my definition of extra gentle now!

For those lazy days, I always have a pack of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes as they do the trick and don't irritate and aren't too expensive either.


I'm currently using La Roche-Posay Physiological Soothing Lotion and have no complaints, it's gentle, smells pleasant and does the trick. I do have to make a conscious effort to remember to do this though...tut tut.


 Daytime: La Roche Posay Toleriance Fluide, it's super light but feels moisturising and sinks well into my skin.
Night: I'm trying to use up my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion as it needs using up. I'm not the biggest fan of this anymore as it's too greasy for me in the daytime but works fine as a nightcream as I'd rather look shiny whilst I sleep!


I use my Nude Miracle Mask about once a week and it really helps to give my skin that extra bit of glow.

If you have any questions please ask!


I'd love to know if you have any suggestions for a night cream?

Laura xx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

John Frieda 3 Day Straight, Tried & Tested.

As a girl with a relentless curl to her hair and the constant guilt from killing it with heat, when I heard whisperings of a 'semi-permanent' styling spray, I knew I had to try it.

John Frieda 3-day straight claims to keep your hair straight for 3 days...or until you next wash using a heat activated keratin formula.

A bit like a watered down Brazilian Blowout??

So, how did It hold up?


I apologise about the vacant expression in each of the photographs, I was in a rush to get out the door on both occasions!

Just for reference, I used my normal shampoo & conditioner and just swapped my usual styling spray for the 3 day straight.

It added a fanstastic shine to my hair and appeared to 'get rid' of any of my pesky split ends. My only complaint would be it left it a little too straight. I tend to like a little more volume in my hair but that's purely personal preferance. It certainly did what it said on the tin!


Again, not the best photo but you get the jist!

As you can see it didn't exactly deliver pin straight hair. I woke up in the morning and just brushed through my hair and I had a very loose curl in my hair.

Not exactly keeping it straight now...


More importantly, I didn't wake up with a crazy frizzy mess like usual, so it's a winner!!

I actually prefer the soft waves to my pin straight locks.

If you want to tame the frizz rather than keep your hair poker straight, this may be what you're looking for.

RRP £6.99

Laura xxx

Sunday, 13 February 2011


We all need a little red nail polish in our lives...

I've been craving a classic red nail for a while now so this Barry M Polish in shade 262 Bright Red hit the spot.

It must be St Valentine's influence!

Laura xx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Could It Be I'm Falling In Love?

I'll admit it, this is a complete case of see it on a blog and then snatch it up for myself!!

I saw Kelly showing these babies off and knew they had to be mine...

They're from New Look and managed to snap them up for £19.99 with student discount.

I tried getting a shot of them when they're on, but I'm wearing a pair of black tights and I've just got back from shopping and well, I can't frankly be bothered to change!

Have a wonderful week and I hope you're having fun!

Laura x

Friday, 11 February 2011

Sleek Blush: First Impressions

I actually jumped for joy when my long awaited package from Sleek arrived yesterday, it's been a long and annoying road but I'm just glad it's sorted out now!!


(l-r 936 Pixie Pink & 937 Flamingo) 

I actually really like the packaging, it's sturdy and chic but easy to store and transport and mirror is always a bonus in my book. 

Pixie Pink

This is a fiercely pigmented cool toned neon pink, it's completely matte but also blends well onto the skin. Warning though, use SPARINGLY...the aunt sally look just doesn't cut it.


A warmer pink shot through with subtle shimmer, this would look divine used with a little peach toned highlight. Another one to use with a light hand, you want a flush of colour, not to look like you've just run a marathon.

Obligatory Swatch

(l-r Pixie Pink & Flamingo)

These retail at £4.29 each, amazing value for a good quality product.

Laura xxx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

NARS Boutique

It's times like this I seriously wish I lived in NYC...

(Francois Nars & Fabian Baron do the honours)

The first ever NARS boutique opens its door to the public today...sigh, does anybody have a spare plane ticket lying around??

Situated on 413 Bleecker Street, it just looks like a tranquil heaven of NARS cosmetics, I mean look at the wall of NARS below, yes please!

If you want me, I'll be plotting my way across the Atlantic...

Laura xx

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

High Brow

We're talking eyebrows...

Who would have thought that two seemingly useless strips of hair above our eyes could be so scrutinised?!

Spring has sprung and big brows are back...

(Stella McCartney spring 2011)

I've always been a fan of fuller eyebrows as they provide a brilliant frame to the face, but don't let that confuse you, I like them to to be neat as well...

No Thank You! 

So...What to use?

I've been faithful to MAC Espresso for my eyebrows for a long time now, paired with an angled brush it works wonders. I have quite dark eyebrows anyway but they are a little patchy in some areas.

Naked Brow...(oo-er)


I just concentrate mainly on the arch to create a more even brow then use any residue on the brush to lightly go through the rest.

On Trend...

Although they haven't photographed as dark as they are in person, I used a tiny bit of Nuhru from MAC alongside Espresso and created a fuller brow by filling them in more liberally.

I also use a tiny bit of clear mascara to set them, and if that's not to hand just grab some Vaseline or even some eight hour cream to just smooth them down.

How do you like your brows and will you be buying into Springs 'big brow' trend or leaving it to the models?

Laura xx

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesdays Child

FACE: MUFE F&B in shade 20/Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation in 15 Opal
CHEEKS: NARS Cream Blush in Penny Lane/MAC Style Blush
EYES: MAC Phloof & Patina in Crease/Rimmel Lash Accelerator
LIPS: Bare

I went for really fresh looking dewy skin today with a hint of colour as my skin has been feeling a bit dehydrated recently.

I haven't really been bothering with lip products a lot recently either, only a dab of Burt's Bees and I'm away!

I'm also in love with this shampoo and conditioner, I found it in the shower this morning after I'd been swimming and it left my hair unbelievably shiny, a winner!

Laura xxx

Monday, 7 February 2011

In & Out Monday


- less heat: I've been trying not to go too crazy with the straighteners this week and I actually like my hair a lot more when I haven't straightened the hell out of it, it's a lot more full and bouncy.
- Trash Television: I'm talking Jersey Shore, Snog Marry Avoid, MBFGW...It's a guilty pleasure that I'm more than happy to indulge! I do the Snooki intro dance without fail everytime I hear the JS theme song...just me??

- Comfortable heels: I've bought few pairs recently that are a dream to walk in, the shoe boot or wedge are seriously the way to go.
- Eyeliner: I went through a phase of not lining my eyes and I'm well and truly back in the eyeliner gang now, I've been using my MAC Fluidline on my bottom waterline and the staying power is amazing, why didn't I do this before!?


- Back on the research bandwagon...I feel a bit like a hamster on a research wheel at the moment!
If you want to help me out by sparing 30 seconds to fill out this tiny survey I'd appreciate it so much!!

- The Wind: I know it's ridiculous to be annoyed at wind but it's been beating against my windows for about a week now and it's playing havoc with my barnet, go away??
- False Nails: After having my acrylics off about 3 months ago, my nails are finally back to their former glory, strong and ridge free! I'd happily stick on some falsies if it was a special occasion but I'm done with nail wrecking acrylics for good!

(all images courtesy of

I hope you're all having a good Monday and here's to a good week all around!

Laura xxx
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