Friday, 16 March 2012

Battle the Breakout.

I have to admit, a combination of good genes and forgiving skin keep me relatively breakout free, but when I get the occasional spot, they seem to strike in pairs...or trios. 

So, it's time to talk spots... 

Firstly, I don't think there are any hard and fast rules when it comes to tackling breakouts. Your skin and how it reacts to different things is unique to you, so what I'm about to divulge is purely common sense with a little bit of what works for me thrown in. 

How do I battle a breakout? 

1. Sanitize!

I'm pretty diligent when it comes to keeping my tools clean, I always have a bottle of brush cleaner and a flannel or muslin cloth to hand for spot cleaning and try to deep clean once a week. But the first thing I do without fail if I notice a breakout that's about to surface is sanitize.  
I clean all of my foundation and concealing brushes straight away and then make sure I spot clean them every time I use them. 
Now, I realise this is what you are supposed to do, but in the real world, you don't always have time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can fall behind on brush cleaning duties, do you? 

2. Be kind to your skin.

There seems to be a tendency to automatically try to attack a breakout, I've always found it much more effective to completely simplify my skincare routine and use very gentle, simple products. I always go back to Oilatum if I'm suffering badly as it is super gentle and doesn't irritate. I don't believe in using harsh anti-acne face wash or creams as it can just dry my skin out and leave it looking...crusty...digusting. 

3. Essential Tools. 

Origins Super Spot Remover & Sudocrem always come to my rescue if I need them. The little Origins bottle packs a punch if you can feel a blemish appearing, it will calm it down and accelerate its demise. However I don't tend to use this if a spot has already erupted, it tends to dry it out and that is never, ever a good luck. Instead I pop on a bit of Sudocrem before I go to bed and I really do think this works wonders overnight. 
Neither of these are miracle products, but they'll certainly fight your corner in the battle of the breakout. 

4. Leave it Alone! 

This may just be the hardest one to stick to, as it goes against every fibre in your body! But, trust me, if you leave it, it will leave without a trace. It is much less likely to scar too, always a bonus...

What do you do to battle the breakout? 

Laura xx


  1. Many ways- spots were the reason I started blogging- and still blog to this day- no quick fix, but gerenal health, facial routine, diet, cleanlyness and a few blitz products will all help. Cant do much about the hormonal spots, apart from evening primrose tablet. Sigh! xx

  2. Breakouts are the worst. I rarely get them when I do they're big and horrible :( I think the last point, leaving it alone, has to be the hardest as we all just want to make it go away! Might try the Sudocrem trick


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