Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cake Stand - Perfume Stand.

Just a quick Sunday post to showcase my alternative use for a cake stand, as a perfume stand! I was bought this lovely Laura Ashley stand for Christmas, and whilst I'd love to constantly fill it with sweet treats, my waistline says otherwise! I couldn't bare to have it packed up in a kitchen cupboard, so instead it's taken pride of place on my chest of drawers. 
The only problem is some of my favourites are just too tall so I've had to lie them sideways...c'est la vie!

How do you like to store your perfume? 


Saturday, 28 January 2012

So Fresh & So Clean...Label M Brunette Dry Shampoo.

As most brunette's will know, trying to rock traditional dry shampoo can either leave you with a grey cast that you nan would be proud of...or cramp in your hand.

Now, Coloured dry shampoo is not a new thing, Batiste came out with one a couple of years ago, and It really didn't do the trick for me. 

However, I'm beginning to warm to Label M's efforts. It's easy to use, a none offensive dark brown colour, and really does give you an extra day if you fancied that extra ten minutes in bed. 

The smell reminds me slightly of brandy, which may be slightly worrying to some. I however, quite like smelling like a Christmas Pudding. It gives me volume and even if I have fresh hair, it gives it a great messed up look. 

At £10.50 for 200ml, it's not the cheapest product of the bunch, but if you really struggle to banish the grey from darker hair, it's worth a go. 

Available from all Toni & Guy Salons... 

Laura xxx 

*PR Sample.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hair Inspiration.

As far as my hair goes, I'm pretty low maintenance, I get it cut every couple of months and I haven't experimented past "a few long layers to give it some movement" for about three years. But, recently the urge to try something new has wheedled its wicked way back into my conciousness. 

After a string of interesting hair styles in my teens (I don't think I'll ever live the ill advised chunky blonde highlights down), I've learnt that sometimes, safe can be OK. Safe can occasionally be more than OK! 

But, I'm dreaming of hair like this...

Le sigh. 

I think as spring/summer approaches I'm going to take the plunge. I don't particuarly want all out 'ombre' as I think it's a bit past it's best. But a more sublte 'Balayage' look might be for me. 

I have quite warm undertones in my hair already (I haven't worked out if it's natural or from the ill advised canary stripes) but the best result would be to accentuate that. Think a light hitting the hair colour. 

I snapped a quick shot of my hair this morning (ignore hoodie, no make up, rabbit in headlights) in the bright sunshine. It's not a brilliant shot but it's picked up the colour I want, what do you think?  

Laura xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mavala Elle Polish.

I was perusing the ailses of Boots last week, and I decided to crouch down and investigate the rather unappealing Mavala stand, it was messy, disorganised and didn't look promising. But I hit upon a little bit of Gold. 

As all beauty 'enthusiasts' will know, we tend to keep a mental note of many of the products that tickle our fancy in almost encyclopaedic fashion, and I'd filed this little nail polish away nearly 2 years ago (!) when I noticed it on this post by Yinka. We have a scary ability for product recall... 

It was a complete impulse buy, and I didn't think it would be a particularly useful addition to my already overflowing 'sludge collection'. 

It goes on in 2 coats, it's a beautiful creamy mink colour with a purple undertone. It's not left my nails for about a week. 

This is my first encounter with Mavala, and so far it's a winner. 

Laura xx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Lipstick Project: MAC Jazzed

When I began the Lipstick Project, I expected to rediscover some long lost favourites, but I also fully expected to have a few "what was I thinking" moments...

Case in point, MAC Jazzed. When this came out with the In The Groove collection in 2010 (I just googled it and can't believe it's been sitting in my drawer for that long!) I remember this being one of the must have items. I'm glad to say now I try very hard to stay away from hype, and this is a good example of why! 

I'm just not 'jazzed' about Jazzed. It's far to orange for my skin tone, and despite it being a Creamsheen formula, It just relentlessly accentuates every last bit of dryness on my lips. 

Jazzed is a great example of lipstick that looks to die for in the tube and even on the hand, but unless wearing your swatches with pride becomes the next hot thing, I'm out. 

I will concede, this look miles better when you have a bit of a tan, but when I'm rocking my Pale Pauline look, it just washes me out. Surprisingly, the only way I've found to make this colour wearable, is to neutralise it slightly with Myth...a notorious corpse colour! 

You win some, you lose some! 

Laura xx

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Walk In The Woods.

Coat: Barbour 
Scarf: Profuomo 
Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: New Look 

I've gone for something a bit different in the photo department today, choosing to take advantage of the woodland behind my house and the use of my sister's "photography skills".
After what felt like decades of indecision, I finally plumped for the Barbour Beadnell Wax Jacket, and I couldn't say no to some beautiful Liberty lining. 
The Jacket is surprisingly warm, comfortable and I've already worn it to death, It's a bit of an investment, but it's one that is already paying its way in my wardrobe. 
The rest of the outfit is typical of my everyday style, and the shorts are my ultimate back up plan when I can't find anything else to wear. 

Finally, I have nothing but respect for regular outfit posters, for every normal looking photo I managed to get, there are ten photos of me being a gurning/cross eyed/ridiculous idiot. Just me with the problem?! 

Laura xx 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Finding Mr Bright.

If like me, you feel like you're on a constant quest to achieve perfect glowing skin, Benefit have come up with a nifty little kit to send you in the right direction. Enter - Finding Mr Bright

I've always been a fan of Benefit sets. One of my first ever make up products was the cult Benetint with High Beam thrown in for good measure. I'm glad to see High Beam making an appearance in this set, and love the small deluxe sample size, as it's so perfect for travelling. 

I've already got the cheaper 2True version of Posie Tint so I was never that inclined to spend my pennies on it, but it's a lovely subtle pink flush that compliments High Beam well. 

Girl Meets Pearl is an interesting product, whether you mix it with moisturiser to give you an extra dose of radiance, or apply directly to the areas you want to illuminate, it appears to be an all over glow giver. 

My one gripe? Erase Paste. It always seems to be a gamble when you put in a foundation or concealer into a gift set. Shade 2 is just about OK for my skintone, although I think I'll save this for too orange. I feel this may alienate some people from picking up an otherwise adorable set. 

RRP £28.50

Do you like to glow or do you prefer to stay matte? 


Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Lipstick Project: Shy Girl.

In my last post, I talked about trying to get more use out of my lipsticks, and so far, it seems to be working. 
My new/old favourite has definitely been Shy Girl, I wore it to go out on Saturday night and then again on Sunday. It's the perfect understated peachy nude, it's not too offensive and not too orange that it clashes with my skin tone. It's a safe colour, but just adds a little something if you want a chic, polished look.

Shy Girl is the perfect lipstick to ease myself back into lipstick wearing, it's just been too long! 

Laura xx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Storage Solutions.

 I'm a sucker for storage and organisation. When I was given this as a gift, I literally couldn't wait to pop all of my bits and pieces into it. 

It's provided the perfect place to put most of my favourite MAC lipsticks and I use the other compartments for my everyday essentials. 

I've found a very similar one here and if you google 'acrylic make up organiser', a wide selection magically appear.

I've popped in on a Glossybox that contains other bits and pieces, it really is the perfect size to do so!

I'm hoping that having a few more lipsticks out on show will encourage me to use them up, all in the spirit of this months theme - using up products! 

How do you like to organise your make up? 

Laura xx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sweet Heart How To.

 For Christmas, My lovely Sister spoiled me with a big bag of baking bits and bobs  (alliteration win). As she's coming back to stay for a week, I thought I better whip her up some sweet treats. 

I used a really simple recipe for shortbread, It's basically foolproof. 


4oz Butter
4oz Sugar 
6oz Plain Flour 

What To Do: 

Step 1: Cream your butter and sugar together until they form a paste.
Step 2: Sieve your flour into and mix into a breadcrumb consistency. 
Step 3: Get your hands dirty, form into a ball! (Add a tiny bit of milk if you think it's a little dry).
Step 4: Flour a surface, and roll out to a thickness of about 1cm. Use whichever cutter you like (but we all know hearts are the cutest).
Step 5: Leave to chill in the fridge for 20 minutes.
Step 6: Bake for 15-20 minutes at 190C (BUT KEEP AN EYE ON THEM), I just caught mine in time...some are already a little too golden brown! 
Step 7: Leave to cool, ice if you want to or eat plain. 

I decided on pink icing, some in lines, others I went to town with some sprinkles too (it might have also been to cover the darker ones up...) 

I recalled Milly icing her very own heart biscuits like this, so I took some "inspiration".

These really are the easiest biscuits to whip up if you fancy something sweet in a hurry, you'll probably already have everything in your kitchen too. 

Now, the biggest challenge is going to be leaving them all for Hannah...

Normal beauty service will resume tomorrow.

Laura xx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Everyday Face.

Surprisingly for a Beauty Blogger, on a day to day basis. I don't wear that much make up! 

My daily routine goes a little something like this... 

BASE: Origins Perfect World Moisturiser 
FOUNDATION: NARS Sheer Glow or Illamasqua Skin Base 
BROWS: HD Brow Kit in Vamp 
EYES: Blink+Go Long Lasting Black Mascara 
CHEEKS: NARS Penny Lane 
LIPS: Bare or Balm. 

BRUSHES: Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Absolute New HG Brush for Liquid Foundation) 
MAC 129 
Angled Eyeshadow Brush 
MAC 130 
Real Techniques Contour Brush 

Of course, I tend to grab different things depending on my mood, but I usually stick to these products.

Little Extras 

If I want to make my make up last longer I'll add a foundation primer like the Arbonne one I'm using up at the moment. 

My top eyeshadow choice on a day to day basis (If I can be bothered) is MAC Jest or Orb, such staples! 

My mascara changes with my mood, I'm trying to use up about 8 at the moment...oops! 

I also use ELF Mineral Blush in Coral & MAC Harmony to sculpt etc. 

What are your everyday staples? 

Laura xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Daddy's Girl.

This weekend marked my father's l'anniversaire. Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I went over to see him & take him presents etc. 

I decided to crack out my absolute favourites of the moment...the burgundy leigh jeans. I have seen these EVERYWHERE at the moment, but hey, they're popular for a reason. 

I just teamed the jeans with this lightweight cream jumper from Topshop...I bet many of you have both of these in your wardrobe...!

I just wore this lovely little necklace that I found in Oxfam...yeah boi. Finally, I wore my New Look suede wedges, take a closer look here

(vacant stare...)

(crotch shot for the colour!)

As a side note, I made these little birthday cakes for the occasion, grown up! 

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Current Foundation Routine.

scary close up #1

scary close up #2

So, Basically, NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc + Real Techniques Buffing Brush = BLOODY AMAZING SKIN. 

NARS Sheer Glow has been a long time favourite of mine, but for inexplicable reason (I have an obscene number of foundations on the go) I abandoned it. 

The light fluid consistancy of Sheer Glow allows the Buffing Brush to pick up just the right amount of foundation from the back of my hand, and it buffs it in like an absolute dream. The major plus point of this brush is that's pretty much impossible to slap too much product on at once, you can easily build up a few thin layers and choose your level of coverage easily. 

I usually dust this with a light powdering of MAC MSF Natural, but, I steer clear if I know I'm going to be photographed. This can just about avoid major ghost face without the powder but with? You're on a one way journey to ghost town.

The bad news? My Sheer Glow is feeling suspiciously empty & I'm on a complete foundation ban until I least half the amount I have on the go...le sigh. 

If I need a bit of extra coverage, it's still Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection all the way. I haven't photographed due to the tube being offensive. If I feel the need for a primer, I've been using the Arbonne Make Up Primer. 

What's your current routine? 

Laura xx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hots Shots 007.

Unfortunately nothing to do with James Bond, Although, I did go and watch Mission Impossible at the cinema last Wednesday, I love a bit of action...ahem. 

Christmas Dinner - Dave Gorman - Scrabble Addict - Baked Camembert Heaven - NYE Face - Conrad Plait Resurrection. 

Laura xxx

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