Thursday, 31 May 2012

Essie Lapis of Luxury.

This week, it's all about Essie. 

Lapis of Luxury is a complete 180 from Sand Tropez, a bright cornflower blue that doesn't scream too loud. It's the only way to rock bright blue. 


Laura xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May Empties.

It's a bizarre concept, but I'll admit it. I'm addicted to empties posts/videos. 

This is a real bloggers blog post, to anybody else this is a post being written by a crazy woman who likes to hoard empty packaging...

So, what have I used up this month?! 

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover: I picked this up in November when I was over in France and it's only just bit the dust. It's a great product and I wish I'd been allowed to bring more back, hand luggage only sucks.
MeMeMe Seventh Heaven*: A really lovely light cream that left my skin feeling amazing. I'm very tempted to pick up the full size now.
Bliss The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream: I've been trying to use this up for ages, it hasn't blown me and away and it did feel a bit stingy, which isn't what I really look for in an eye cream. I'm glad it's all used up now. 

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum: I think the cut off top speaks for itself. I love this serum, the full size is winging its way to me as I type. 
Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist: A great product that I had planned to repurchase, but since the Caudalie Beauty Elixir entered my life, it's been eclipsed. Still a lovely refreshing mist though. 
NARS Monoi Body Glow II: So sad that this is all used up, It's a gorgeous luxurious body oil that makes your skin feel soft and smelling like a tropical island. It's a good job I have another sample bottle to hand!
Origins Perfect World Moisturiser: I'm really mourning this product, It's my holy grail night/day cream. I just have too many other creams to use to before I can repurchase. 

 What have you used up this month? 


Essie Sand Tropez.

Essie's Sand Tropez is my idea of heaven. A dove grey cream polish that fits every occasion, and I'm hooked. 



Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Run Baby Run II.

I did a post like this a while ago and it went down quite well, so as I'm in a blogging mood, I thought I'd share with you my current favourite tracks to work out to. 

Cheryl Cole: Call My Name 

I'm not sure whether it's the infectious beat or the incentive to get a body like Cheryl, but I immediately kick it up a notch when this starts to play in the gym. It's a current obsession. I love Cheryl again, there I said it. 

Azealia Banks: 212 ft Lazy Jay 

It's an absolute filthy song, but it's got a solid beat and a great running track, you just might have to wash your ears out with soap after listening. 

Deceptacon: Le Tigre 

An oldie, but an absolute goodie. It'll keep you moving and keep you motivated. Fact. 

Shake It Out: Florence and the Machine. 

Just an absolute symphony of noise, amazing when you want to block everything else out and just get on with it. 

Miami 2 Ibiza: Tiny Tempah ft Swedish House Mafia 

This never leaves my gym playlist, it's just a classic running song. A perfect blend of rise and fall. 

What music do you like to exercise to? 

Let me know below! 

Laura xx

Quick Fire Review: Apivita Express Beauty Mask with Honey.

Picture the scene: after a long hard day in the blazing sunshine, you're feeling dehydrated and in need of some serious moisture. 

Enter Apivita Express Beauty Mask with Honey.

This was just the tonic to my poor skin on Sunday, despite drinking plenty of water and slapping on the factor 30. My face felt tight and dry and a moisturising & nourishing face mask sounded like heaven. 

The mask applies almost like a rich serum, it coats the skin and is a dream to apply. The sachet includes a very generous amount and I was probably too liberal in my application, but it was just so addictive to apply!

I sat with it on my skin for about 20 mins (double the recommended time) and washed it off with warm water. 

My skin was left soft, smooth and most importantly, plumped and moisturised. 

The perfect tonic to dehydrated skin. 

Available from here.

Laura xx

pr sample provided by Glossybox, I'm not afflilated with Apivita. All honest, swear guv'nor!  

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Quick Fire Review: Nspa Nourishing Eye & Lip Treatment

What is it? 

NSpa Nourishing Eye & Lip Treatment, £2.50 from ASDA. 

What does it promise? 

"Packed with moisturising Ginseng, Vitamin E and Caffeine to brighten, this gentle treatment will help to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. As well as soothe and hydrate thirsty skin and lips."

The Skinny 

For a mere £2.50 I think this is a brilliant little product, it contains many of the ingredients the likes of Origins charge a small fortune for. It's also paraben free and against animal testing which is a massive tick in my book. 
It goes on smooth and feels light but hydrating, yet if you're after a thick under eye moisturiser, this won't be for you as it sinks in without a trace within moments. 
I'm also undecided about the smell, I've got used to all of the herbal aromas of my current skincare products and the fruity smell is a bit bizarre to put under the eye. I do see the thought process behind it though as it's good for the lips. 
I haven't noticed a marked improvement in my under eye circles or puffiness but I'll persevere. If it works, I'm on to a winner. 

The Verdict 

It's a super little product. 

It won't deliver miracles, but it'll pack a punch for under a fiver. I'm tempted to investigate some more products from the range now...

Does expensive always translate to better?? 

Laura xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Vintage Styling by Umberto Giannini.

I appear to be on an endless quest to achieve Lana Del Ray hair recently, big bouffant waves will be mine. 

Umberto Giannini obviously heard my plea as they've conveniently creating a kit with everything you could need to rock a vintage 'do' in a few simple steps. 

The kit contains: 

Hair Pins
Large Hair Pins
2 x Hair Roly
Pin Tail Comb
Lace Hair Band
Rollers ( 4 x Large, Medium & Small) 

What makes this kit just so darn cute is (apart from the gorgeous lace headband) is the foolproof step by step guide on the back. If you're complete hair novice, your prayers have been answered. It even has a handy QR code on the back that will lead you to a step by step video. 

I decided to rock some big rollers and I'm really pleased with the results. I'm one step closer to achieving the dream! 

For £12.00 I think you're getting a nice set, that would make an excellent gift.

My own slight criticism, Personally, to make this a complete styling kit, I would have loved to have seen a travel sized finishing spray included, just so it really does take you from start to finish. 

What do you think? 

Laura xx

*pr sample, but straight up as always.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Good Enough to Eat: DKNY Sweet Delicious Creamy Meringue Eau de Parfum

Summer, Summer, Summertimee. Would be the tune that would accompany this delicious fragrance if it could. Despite raving about the delights of Tom Fords dark and oh so brooding Black Orchid recently, you just cannot beat a big wallop of this sweet number in the sunshine. 

If I ever catch a whiff of the original Be Delicious by DNKY I am immediately transported back to my first year of university. This was my staple scent. But like the fickle creature I am, I went off it and haven't ventured back since. 

Until now. 

Apparently DKNY have more to offer nowadays?! There is a large range of 'Delicious' Scents, ranging from  Red, Golden, For Men, Night, Fresh Blossom. Blimey. Now Enter Sweet Delicious

There are three in the range, Key Lime Pie, Pink Macaron or Creamy Meringue. 

Who wouldn't like to smell like baked goods?! 

Creamy Meringue is pretty true to life. You are immediately hit with a sweet spun sugar note, that dies down to a light citrus scent that doesn't tip over into sickly.

It's an absolute gem and has received multiple compliments when I've worn it. 

I'm even considering letting Pink Macaron into my life.

If only I could take a bite... 

Have you tried any of these? 

Laura xx 

Happy Birthday Glossybox.

Happy Birthday Glossybox! 

This month marks the 1st Anniversary of the little pink box landing on our doorsteps, and Glossybox are feeling in the party mood, including a pink balloon (posed ridiculously by me here) and a cute compact mirror that has landed straight into my handbag. 

So, what's in my Glossybox this month? 

Noble Isle Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel (Full Size: 250ml £20.00)
Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc & Eau en Parfum (Full Size: £65 100ml)
Apivita Express Beauty Mask Moisturising & Nourishing Mask with Honey (Full Size: £3.50 per sachet)
HD Brows Brow Beater (Full Size: £29.95)
Berber Oil Hair Treatment (£19.99 100ml)

Compared to my rave about last months box, I wasn't immediately shouting from the rooftops about this box. But, on closer inspection there are a few gems. I was immidiately excited about the HD Brows box that   was nestled in the corner, but my information card told me it was one thing 'grow baby grow' and described an eye cream...I got Brow Beater, work that one out! 

I'm excited to try the Brow Beater but time will tell whether it really is more than a glorified clear mascara. 
The winner in this box has to be the Berber Oil. I'm a sucker for hair/skin/body oil at the moment and the fact that it smells like pic n mix was the icing on the synthetic cherry scented cake. 

There seems to be mixed opinions about perfume samples in Glossybox but I personally don't mind them as they're useful to sling in my gym bag for an emergency scent. Neither Lolita Fragrance hit any high notes with me, but I do prefer the L'Eau en Blanc as the Eau de Parfum reminds me of Matey Bubblebath....

You can never go wrong with a good shower gel sample, and I adore these for either going away or for showering post work out. The Noble Isle scent smells heavenly and I adore the concept of celebrating British culture and nature. Summer Rising Cornish Hedgerows will do me just fine!  

Finally, I'm looking forward to treating myself with an Apivita Express Beauty Mask. The mention of honey, moisture and nourishment are music to my ears, so I can't wait to pop this on and see how it fairs. 


I'm not jumping for joy about this months offering, but that's what makes Glossybox so fun. You open up your box every month to a five little surprises, win some or lose some you're sure to find a gem or two. Over the past year I've discovered some wonderful products that I simply wouldn't have touched if they hadn't come crashing through my letterbox via Glossybox. 

Bravo Glossybox. Here's to another great year! 

Laura xx

*pr sample, but keeping it real as always. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Giveaway: Win £150 to spend at Skin Health Spa.

Now, It's no secret that I've turned into a bit of a skincare junkie recently. I'm talking lotions, potions, creams, get it. 

But sometimes, nothing beats the professional touch. 

When Skin Health Spa got in touch and offered £150 to spend at any of their clinics based in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leamington Spa & Cheshire. 

Everybody loves the odd pamper, so of course I wanted to give one of you the opportunity to go and treat yourself! 

I'm personally tempted by Ultimate Facial...

What do I need to do? 

Follow this blog and @thebeautyspark
I'm keeping it super simple as usual, all you need to do is go to Skin Health Spa and tell me in a comment below what you'd spend your voucher on (not redeemable on take home products or injectable treatments). 
Pop your email in the comment too so I can get in touch if you strike lucky! 

Closing Midday 4th June 2012. 

If you follow @SkinHealthSpa on twitter, you can automatically recieve a £50 voucher, so everyone wins!

Laura xx

One Entry Per Person. 
Voucher Not Redeemable on Injectable Treatments or Take Home Products 
Closing 12pm 04/06/2012

Good Luck! 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Jade Stone.

Take Models Own Jade Stone, Add a lashing of Models Own Juicy Jules to your ring finger. 


Delicious Pastel Nails. 


Laura xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

Hype Hype Hype: Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

Unless you've been living under a blogospherical rock over the last month, you will have undoubtedly heard about the Caudalie Eau de Beaute/Beauty Elixir. 

I admit, I caved and bought it a few weeks ago. The promise of glowing, refreshed skin was too much.... 

Worth the Hype? 

I almost wish I could completely quash it, but yes, personally I think it's earned its spot as the latest beauty must have. 

I've been using it morning and night before my I apply my serum and It perks up my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. The scent is a potent mixture of herbal and minty, but it really does kickstart you in the morning, especially if you're feeling less than chirpy (amazing hangover helper). 

I may be imagining it, but I feel like the tone and general appearance of my skin has improved recently, but obviously it would be far too ambitious to put it down to just this little spray bottle, but I will give it some major props. 

Bravo Caudalie, Bravo. 

I purchased mine from here

Laura xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Product of the Week: L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

As summer is attempting to poke its head out through the dismal grey skies, I've stepped up my summer maintenance routine as more skin starts to go on show. Whilst opaque tights and chunky knits can hide a whole host of sins, I'd rather not be sporting pale dry pins in my denim shorts. 

Enter L'Occitane Huile de Douche...Almond Shower Oil for the non French speakers. 

This ended up in my basket after trawling feel unique a couple of weeks ago, and intially felt like a bit of an unessesary splurge. I have a whole host of bath and shower products that I need to use up and I really didn't need another oil sitting in my bathroom. 


The shower oil has landed. 

Unlike any of the oils I'd used previously, the lathers into a rich cream when it hits wet skin, leaving you with the softest skin that smells like delicate marzipan. 
It's not too sweet and doesn't leave a film on the skin, just moisturised & delicious! 

I've been using this as a shaving oil and boy does it deliver, it lets the razor glide and leaves me with legs to rival a Venus advert...i'm your fire, your desireeee. 

Excuse me. 

 If you can swallow the price tag (£16.00 for 250ml) you won't regret it. A worthy splurge. 

Available from here with free shipping. 

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Nail Treats.

As I've been worshipping at the alter of Shellac for a wee while, I've not indulged in any new nail polish. But,  I missed chopping and changing my nail colour so decided to take a break from Shellac and hit up Boots. 

I went for... 

I'm a bit obsessed with the Essie shade right now, so much so that the others have only had a slight look in. I will add that Ibiza Mix = Disappointing. Far too sheer and watery, it takes about 4 coats to just achieve a slight glitter nail. When I do glitter, I mean glitter. Bitch. 

Over & Out. 

Laura xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tom Ford Black Orchid.

So, It was my Birthday this week, and I cannot explain how overjoyed I was to finally get my hands on this particular scent. 

I've been stalking various Space NK's and Selfridges Beauty Halls over the past few months sneaking illicit sniffs of this. 
When I first caught a whiff I was immediately smitten, it's rich, deep and almost medicinal, but then develops into a rich almost woody vanilla on the skin. 
I'm definitely not a perfume expert but this had me at hello. 
Black Orchid is definitely a departure from the perfumes I'd coveted previously (I'm talking to you Nina by Nina Ricci & Jimmy Choo) but it has earned it's place. 

Now, it's pricey, but for something so different and luxurious it's worth it. Another key point to add is a little goes a long way. When first applied, it can be a real punch to the nostrils...(?!) but it will sit and linger all day, you won't need to top this up in a hurry. 

Even though it's technically a feminine fragrance, I wouldn't dismiss this as a unisex scent. I can imagine this smelling just as good on a distinguished gentleman. 

My only issue...I now want to explore his other fragrances, and that could be an expensive habit. 

Laura xx

Friday, 4 May 2012

April Favourites.

This month, I didn't even need to think about what I'd been loving... 


YSL Creme de Blush No.2

Although I only realised whilst I was compiling this post, there is a definite theme this month. Skin. To be more specific, fresh healthy skin. I've ditched the foundation in favour of my Origins VitaZing in the daytime, and I just pair it with a bit of my trusty Lasting Perfection Concealer & I've founding pairing it with the Murad Primer is heaven if you want a fresh dewy glow. Obviously, If you want to go minimal on the make up, you need to take care of your bare skin. I've been in love with the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum, as it's light, smells divine and I really think has made a difference despite only getting it about a week ago. I'm so convinced I placed a Feel Unique order last night! 
Another Glossybox gem I've fallen for is the Monu Rosewood Reviving Mist, it's fresh, clean and really peps up the skin. I was days away from repurchasing my Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist, but I'm glad I held off as this is definitely kinder on the pocket. 
One of the few make up items I've been constantly reaching for this month is the YSL Creme de Blush, it's leaves a beautiful fresh rosy glow and smells like roses, it's a winner. I can't mention a YSL product without taking a second to mention you feel like a million dollars when you reach for the expensive gold packaging, divine. 
Finally, I've been loving simple make up with a nude lip. After initially dismissing the Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Powder Puff I have to admit worn over a good lip balm (I'm talking about you Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose) It acts as a brilliant base for taking brighter tones down a notch. I've found mixing Cotton Candy and Powder Puff together is the perfect midtone pink shade. 
Along a similar vein, I've also been using MAC Myth & Revlon Lipgloss in 15 Peach Petal to do a similar job if I fancy something a little less matte. Funnily enough, I have never really worked out how to get the best out of either of these products, but now i've cracked it, It's even more satisfying! 

What are your favourites this month? 

Laura xx

*Products Marked with a * were provided for consideration, but they're favourites for a reason yo! 

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