Monday, 29 July 2013

Vineyard Peach Body Lotion.

When The Body Shop happened to mention that the Vineyard Peach range was back in action my beauty blogger senses were tingling off the chart. If there is one scent I can't resist, it's a little bit of fresh peach. 

The Vineyard Peach Body Lotion* couldn't be more perfect right now. Where others rave exclusively about the much famed Body Butters from The Body Shop I think we all need to take a moment to pay homage to the humble body lotion. In this hot, humid weather we've been having ain't nobody got time to sit around letting a rich moisturiser sink into there skin. Enter the lotion. A couple of pumps and your away. Wham, Bam, Thank You The Body Shop.

As far as the scent goes it couldn't be closer to the amazing scent of freshly picked peaches. I dutifully did a sniff test between the lotion and the cut peaches used to photograph and they were tantalisingly similar. 

You can shop the rest of range here, in fact they're offering great savings at the moment! 


*PR Sample, but genuine love!

EDIT: Definitely just snapped up the shower gel & body scrub at a bargain price (40% off, shh!) 

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