Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pink Friday.

So, before I get to the jist of this post, I digress. Despite a brief foray with a certain scent by Ms Spears, I've never been one for celebrity fragrances. But after receiving a tempting offer of breakfast and Nicki Minaj, who would refuse? Not me, no sir. But, despite my best efforts disaster struck the day before and prevented me from fully immersing myself in Pink Friday Friday. But I just couldn't not talk about what I received in the post a few days ago. 

Enter Pink Friday. 

Shall we get the obvious out of the way. It's a big Nicki Minaj bust. It's a bottle, of her face. Nicki Minaj's face, as a bottle. Yup. I won't pretend I didn't spend a good 10 minutes having a mock conversation between myself and perfume Nicki. "Oh Hi Nicki Minaj, Oh Hi Laura". You get the drift. 

If that wasn't enough, she came with clothing. If the mood takes me, I can add an ice cream hat, pink bustier and tutu to transform my bottle into the Duchess of Pink, I couldn't make this up. It literally brightened up a snowy morning for me. 

So, putting all bells and whistles aside, what does it actually smell like? 

It's fresh, fruity, summery and has hit the teen market right on the head, I like it. It's not mind blowing or unique but for those who like a bit of Viva La Juicy or similar, you can't really go wrong. However, if you're old enough to remember what Impulse O2 smells like, it's a doppelgänger for that scent. Not unpleasant but definitely takes me back to my 14 year old self. 

For a younger audience, this is perfect. It hasn't hit any unique highs or created anything memorable. But Nicki's Barbz will surely but thrilled to have a little bit of Nicki on their dressing table. 

Pink Friday is available from Selfridges


*Provided for consideration, honest Abe as always though. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Beauty Resolutions.

If you read a multitude of beauty blogs or watch a variety of beauty vloggers, you will undoubtedly be aware of the ever growing 'essential beauty rules that we all follow, to the letter, everyday, like the angelic beauty know it alls that we are' list. 

Well I, Laura of the Beauty Spark will confess, It's all to easy to slip from the self righteous seat we beauty bloggers sit on and preach from. 

So, here is my solemn promise to practise what I preach in the following areas. 

1. Cleaning those brushes. 

If you want a brush for it, I probably possess that brush. Buffing, blushing, lining, shading, slapping it on, blending it out. I'm your girl. But, cleansing them all is another story. Once weekly cleansing sessions all too often fall to the wayside when I'm trying to juggle lots of other things already. 

So, I'm going to try a new tactic. Instead of letting them build up into a 20-30 brush mega cleanse, little and often is the 'method du jour'. In reality, I'll use 3-4 brushes maximum to do my make up, so if I just give them a quick cleanse and rinse in the evening and leave them overnight, I'm golden. 

2. Routine is everything. 

Now this I am so much better at than I have ever been. I'm talking cleanse/tone/moisturise. Even when I'm tired. Cleansing wipes have been banned from the house. I think this is all down to using products that really work for me and I actually want to use at the end of the day. But there is always room for improvement. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've fallen asleep with a full face on in the last few months but I'd quite like this to be never, my skin will thank me for it. 

3. Haircuts. 

Dreaded haircuts. As my hair is fairly low maintenance, I regularly fall into the trap of not getting it cut as much as I should. If I told you I'm getting it cut tomorrow for the first time in six months, this would surely knock points of my BB credentials. I'm afraid it's the horrid truth. I plan to remedy this by booking in an appointment for next time straight away. 8 weekly trims will be my new smug routine! 

What are you beauty resolutions? 


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Skincare Additions/Re-Additions.

So, back story. My beloved Caudalie SOS Serum, Origins A Perfect World AND Vitazing pretty much bit the dust all within a week of eachother. It's the vicious skincare circle I always find myself in. 

Deciding to embrace my intrepid beauty blogger I took heed of Laura's advice, all in the name of research (forever fickle) and picked up the NUXE Serum Creme Fraiche de Beaute from the Escentual bargain french pharmacy sale

First impressions are more than favourable. I'm thoroughly throwing the product in at the deep. I'm currently battling with a post cold dehydrated mug, but it has stepped up to the plate, applies like a dream and leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. 

Now, re-additions. This must be my third or forth pot of A Perfect World from Origins, It's been a long term staple and no other cream seems to cut it like this one does. But, I'm currently foxed. Without getting too autistic about a cream, It feels slightly different and It's thrown me off. The pot definitely feels like it has a cheaper lid (too rain man for you yet?) but more importantly the cream itself feels thicker, smells slightly different and just seems, well, reformulated. I can't find anything to back this up and it may just be me. To be investigated. 

What are your skincare staples? 


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Going Up/Going Down.

I'm kicking it old school today, but we're talking products. I've had two products this week that have both amazed and disappointed, so why not pop them both in one post.

Going Up.

L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof.

After several black eye incidents in the gym/pool/...rain I decided I needed to pull my finger out and replace my waterproof mascara. I went with Anna's much raved about choice. She's raving for a reason kids. It holds curl, gives great length and separation and brilliant volume after a coat or two. Just make sure you've got your make up remover to hand at the end of the day, patience is required to budge this beauty!

Going Down.

Barry M Gelly Polish in Lychee.

Now, Barry M have really turned a corner recently. I'd begun to get tired of what they had to offer but I've become re-obsessed with the range thanks to the Gelly & Nail Effects Nail Paints came to the market. It's not so much the actual product. It's just the colour. Blurgh, not generally, but next to my skintone? Blurgh. It's rather bizarre as Essie's Sand Tropez ranks amongst my all time favourites, and they're not worlds apart. Lychee just registers slightly too far on the yellow side for me. Sorry Barry! I'm sure I'll find a good home for it though...

What Going Up or Down for you this week?


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Benefit They're Real.

The theme of the week is most definitely 'Products Worth The Hype'. I almost have a love/hate reaction when a product not only lives up to, but exceeds the hype. But this time I can't do anything but rave on like the rest of us. It's real love.

I must point out however, this is a massive U-Turn in opinion for me. I initially tried this last year and wasn't bowled over. It may have been to do with the fact that I popped it on over another mascara and only did it very half-heartedly, but the first impression stuck. 

I picked up this travel sized version on a whim when I went nuts in Boots a couple of weeks ago, it was a complete "well if the whole world loves it, surely it can't be that bad" moment. 

So, what made me change my mind? 

Before, behold the majesty of my naked lashes. Just slightly curled. 

One coat achieves wide awake, full but not clumpy, perfectly curled lashes. It truly is one of those "look at them, loook at themmm" mascaras. 

Personally, for daytime wear, one coat is enough. If you really want to up the ante, two coats gives you mega lashes. 

I took these photographs as I was doing my make up for work this morning (shoving a camera in your face at 7:45am will make you eternally grateful for the crop tool) and I can safely report there they still look as fresh as a daisy. The rest of my face may have slid off, but I've still got my lashes! 

The plastic wand wouldn't usually be my weapon of choice, but the 'torture ball' end really gets those corner lashes and gives a great cat eye effect. 

I'm sold, it's the real deal, even if my lashes aren't! 

RRP £18.50 (full size)


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hydraluron. Yes Please.

Before I begin, I'll acknowledge the obvious. This is a Grade A Hype Product...BUT as far as I'm concerned, its the real deal. 

I was really suffering with tight dry skin, especially on my forehead and cheeks and my beloved Caudalie SOS Serum bit the dust. So, being the diligent and sensible beauty fanatic I am I went straight for the queen of good and proper skincare advice, Caroline Hirons, much raved about recommendation and jumped on the Hironsluron bandwagon. 

Well, I trust Caroline for a reason. It's bloody brilliant. 

I was initially surprised to see that it was a far thinner, gel texture than I'd anticipated but it does exactly what it professes. The hyaluronic acid works its magic and literally sucks any moisture straight into your skin. A dose of Hydraluron literally turns most good moisturisers into a wonder treatment. I haven't had any tightness in my skin since I began to use this and it generally feels plumper and more hydrated. Winner. 

For a far more indepth and eloquent review, click here

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