Saturday, 17 August 2013

Newest Skin Additions.

It's a known fact that sadly, nothing excites me more than a bit of new skincare. I would actually happily trade in 99% of my make up and beauty paraphernalia for a good dose of skin wizardry. 

The latest bits to enter my routine are a cult favourite and an unexpected wonder. 

It's been raved about constantly and has always caught my attention. I must admit when the first whisperings started a year or so ago it all sounded a bit faddy and dare I say it, like a cheap bottle of poppers you'd get from a 'herbal high' stall at a festival. Just putting it out there...
The reason for jumping on to the Liquid Gold train was the pressing need for a liquid exfoliant. Despite my skin looking acceptable, under closer inspection (read evil magnifying mirror) it looked congested, bumpy and red. I won't go too deep into the science but it's a glycolic acid based liquid exfoliant (we're not messing around here) that will lower the PH of your skin and plump and decongest your skin. Once or Twice a week is plenty. I've used it about four times now and it does tingle, but I like it. I love a good tingle. 

My other gel cleanser ran out, this was in a deal with the Alpha H. I went for it. It's a lovely light cream cleanser that's perfect for getting a really clean feel after I've used a balm. I've been using this in the morning to give my skin a quick cleanse. It's lovely. 

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened the box, but it's knocked the socks off my current NUXE serum. Not only is it packed full of Green Tea, Co-Enzyme Q10, Aloe & Rose Damask, it smells amazing. So if none of that means anything to you, have a sniff and you'll be in love. The pipette application is a welcome novelty and feels very medicinal. More importantly, it feels soothing on the skin and definitely perks it up. If I apply this at night I wake up in the morning with a 'glow' that isn't usually there. It's a winner. 

Are you a skincare-holic too? 


*sent for consideration

Monday, 12 August 2013

August 2013 Glossybox.

This month Glossybox are jetting off around the globe in their 'High Flyers' August Edition. This month products have been picked for the girl on the go, selecting the best products several global destinations have to offer. 

In my box: 

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir (full size £63.00 for 100ml)
Emite Make Up Eyelash Curler
TRESemmé Platinum Strength Concenrated Treatment Shot
Jelly Pong Pong 2-In-1 Shadow Liner 
Óceane Make Up Remover Pen

What's the verdict? 

I really adore the idea of trying different products that aren't usually available in the UK but it really only delivered in that respect with the Emite Eyelash Curler from Sweden and the Óceane Make Up Remover Pen from Brazil. TRESemmé, Juicy Couture & Jelly Pong Pong are brands I've already encountered. 
Where some detest fragrance samples in sample boxes, I actually find them enterally useful. Whether it's throwing them in my purse/bag/gym bag for an emergency spritz or simply getting the chance to try an new scent without investing, I like it. As far as Viva La Juicy Noir goes I'm not bouncing off the walls as the scent itself just feels a little juvenile for my tastes. If you like fresh young scents this is for you. 
The TRESemmé Treatment Shot will get used but similarly doesn't fill me with glee. However, if you are on holiday and you've spent the day at the beach, this would be perfect. 
The Jelly Pong Pong Shadow Liner is a lovely deep green shade that would look perfect for a grungy look with a difference. I'll keep you posted on that one!
Now, before I finish on a high I'll sneak in a low. The Emite Eyelash Curler is a dud. They curled my lashes with about the same effectiveness as me squeezing my own lashes between my finger and thumb. As a longtime devotee to the Shu Uemura curler, what do you expect?! 
Finally, a product that actually filled me with a bit of excitement. The Óceane Make Up Remover Pen is a neat little idea. I'm forever smudging my mascara on my bottom lashes, so this precise little pen will be much quicker than dipping a cotton bud in remover. I think my main objection to this box as there wasn't a lot that I hadn't tried before which is a completely personal objection, so the last offering from Brazil was a nice end to an otherwise underwhelming box. 

What do you think to your Glossybox? 


Friday, 9 August 2013

Current Favourites.

Despite 'favourites' being one of my most favourite things to watch/read from fellow beauty bloggers, I've really fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to putting my own out into the world. This is mainly due to a dire make up rut I found myself in and a self inflicted spending ban whilst I worked my way through the mountain of products that were spilling out of my drawers like nobodies business. After a thorough clear out and a stern talk to myself I've finally managed to pull together a little bunch of beauties that I've thoroughly been loving recently. 

I'll begin with the lesser favourites. Still favourites, but I'd much rather bang on about everything else. The weather recently has driven my hair BANANAS. Enter Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shine Spray* & Umberto Giannini Hold Me Curl Spray. The former has done wonders to add a little weight to my freshly washed hair once I've styled it. Without this ginger smelling wonder I'd look far more frizzy than is acceptable. Bringing up the rear in the hair parade is the pink bottled wonder, UG Hold Me Curl Spray. Despite being specifically for curls/curled hair, I find this does an amazing job at keeping my hair in check without being too overbearing or 'crispy' (shudder). Let's face it, nothing can stop my hair from naturally migrating back to its fluffy self but these two can at least help it wear a little better. I salute you. 
Can I quickly get a shout out for Estee Lauder Double Wear Light? It's been solely responsible for dragging me out of my BB cream rut without scaring me with a bunch of unnecessary coverage. The shade 'Intesity 1.0' is just about hanging on in there, a bit of bronzer or blush peps it up and it's a winner. 

Now, we're stepping into rave territory. Instead of repeating myself, just go and look how pretty these two polishes are here. They're simply bright summer & classy summer in a bottle. J'adore. 
Keeping with the summer in a bottle theme. Body Shop Vineyard Peach has stolen my heart. It started with a Body Lotion and it's grown into a whole range obsession. The Shower Gel is addictive, buying back ups like a hoarder addictive. I'm also in love with the scrub but it's in my shower. Sorry not sorry. 
Finally, this Elemental Herbology Watermelon & Cucumber Body Moisturiser* is divine. The bottle makes me want to put it in a boutique bathroom with a couple of rolled up flannels next to it...The scent it fresh, herbal and ever so classy. I should probably add that lotions in general are floating my boat at the moment. Far less stress than a richer cream and less fuss than an oil, I'm all over that. 

Tell me your favourites! 


Thursday, 8 August 2013

August BeauteCo Box.

To be very honest, when I first posted about BeauteCo Box, I thought it would just very much be along the lines of "nice idea but I don't need another sample box in my life blah blah". BUT I am loving the August offering from BeauteCo Box. 

The menu I chose this month included: 

Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash (full size)
Lord and Berry Intensity Lipstick Peach Gleam (full size)
Lord and Berry Kissproof Lip Colour Blossom (full size)
S5 Calm Serum (sample)
Melvita Atomiser Orange Blossom Water (sample) 

 The Arran Aromatics facial wash smells divine but as it contains SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) I'm afraid I won't be testing it as I try to avoid products with such ingredients. I'm certain I can find someone who will appreciate it though! I'm also pleasantly surprised by the two Lord and Berry lip products that came in this months box. Both lipstick & liner are lovely wearable shades, in fact the lipstick shade Peach Gleam reminds me of one of my all time "lips but better" shades MAC's Shy Girl. 
However, my two star products have to be the Melvita Atomiser Orange Blossom Water & the S5 Calm Serum
I've been toying with the notion of purchasing a Melvita 'water' for a while so was thrilled when this came in my box. It smells lovely and it really refreshing on the skin. Lovely. I'm a sucker for a serum so this S5 Calm Serum will undoubtedly get a good once over. It smells almost almond like and is pretty good on the natural scale, thumbs up. 

By the looks of things, I may have started a secondary box habit! 

Find BeauteCo Box HERE


*sent for consideration, honest abe though!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Quick Fire Review: Organic Surge Eye Gel.

In the spirit of my own pace of life over the last few weeks, we're going quick fire. What better product to go quick fire on than something that has been a huge help to make me look just that little bit less shattered when I've been running on empty. 

Enter the Organic Surge Eye Gel. 

What does it promise? 

Promises to reduce puffiness & rejuvenate skintone, even on sensitive skin. 

Can it keep that promise?

The product itself is a lovely light textured gel that feel incredibly cooling when you pop it under your giant eye bags at stupid o'clock in the morning (in my experience). Despite being marketed as a morning & night product, personally this definitely fits the bill in the AM far more than the PM. It sinks in quickly and lets me plaster on the criminal amount of concealer I've been using recently to make me look acceptable in the eye department. Thumbs up. 

Any else? 

It's always worth a mention when a product is against animal testing and steers clear of SLS, parabans and all those general nasties. One of the active ingredients is witch hazel which is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. At £8.49 is very reasonable in the eye gel stakes too.

What's the verdict...

So far so good, It's doing a good job at making me look slightly less puffy in the morning, I can't vouch for the skintone rejuvenation but time will tell! 


*PR Sample.
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